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  • Posted on June 15, 2012 at 8:19 am

It enters the laborers of the plants and the poor peasants it frequently heard if to speak of ' ' all the lands to camponeses' ' ' ' all the plants to trabalhadores' '. If the professor had visited trenches, would verify, also, that the soldiers alone spoke in peace The man was aturdido, but he did not have reason for such. Both the comments were correct. In Russia, the ruling classes became each time more conservatives, and the popular masses, each time more radical. (REED, 2002, P. 26) Kerensky assumed the power as first-minister, forming as the government of coalition, whose majority was menchevista and social revolutionaries.

The Bolchevista party grew. Trotsky chose president of the Soviet of Petrogrado, what it finished with the hegemony menchevistas them and them social-revolutionaries who at the time controlled the organization. When taking the power, bolcheviques had signed the peace with Germany. The civil war, that burst in 1918, between the monarquistas old whites and other sectors that they had been defeated in the Revolution of October of 1917, against bolcheviques, deepened the revolution still more. Although foreign subsidy, the government of Lnin prevailed on its internal enemies and made solid the revolution of the Communist in the old empire of the czars. Lnin conceived the New Economic policy, defined as a step behind to give two steps to the front. In 1924, the death of Lnin resulted in a fight for the power, where they carried out Trstski and Stlin in the scene of the dispute for the control of the power. With the victory of the teses of consolidation of the internal socialism in the Soviet (old Of one) the power was delivers to the Stlin, thus initiating a period of terror having as base the elimination of possible opponents in all the instances of the administration, of the body diplomatist, the army, the party, the politics and the universities.