Michel Foucault

  • Posted on March 24, 2021 at 1:41 am

A vigilant center and depositor of looks. Of the most diverse points and the most diverse species. Breaking up the individuals that would be observed and watched. But one to look at. One to look at that it watches and that nobody will be able in such a way to escape the ones that they look at how much the ones that will be looked at, in agreement foretold Michel 2 Foucault. Such age the form of ‘ ‘ The Panopticon’ ‘ of Jeremy Bentham, edited in the end of century XVIII. It consisted, in the periphery, of a construction in ring; in the center, a tower with great windows that if they direct to the ring.

the light and the look of the guards catch and observe the interior all. These structures of monitoring still gifts if constitute of the most diverse forms. After all, we live in a panptica society, as Michel Foucault observes. This intensified by the media and the overlapping of the private sphere to the public space. What before he was restricted to the privacies and it could until causing constaint and shame, now is extensive to the new modalities of subjectivity. As soon as the Big Brother to the benthamiana way reaffirms everything this, but not leaving to throw down the irradiador center of the good comment.

For the generalizations, depravations and public exhibition of the joy forms, contemplate great number of adepts. Many not feeling on itself the weight of the trifler curiosity. Sobeja time for as much. Lack to redefine the choices of this time that gets dizzy available. Lack to ressemantizar what they understand for induction to the consumption and to politicize the proper one to think. The Big Brother configures the proper framing house-prisionrio of desejantes beings, terrificando the orquestrado totalitarian control as great spectacle for the televisions and confirming the power of the benthamiano panptico on the life of the people. Idt energy has much to offer in this field. This repisa the tragic and overwhelming hypothesis of that the faced questions had only moved of color, or better, of form, from the vigilant performance of all the individuals. But one to look at to lose it the proscnio of assujeitamento of values and to content with the brutal tyranny of artificialismos and mesquinharias desqualificadamente infundamentadas. Of this it consists panoptismo of the Big Brother.

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