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Increased Competition Desired More

  • Posted on January 20, 2015 at 3:23 pm

The policy wishes in the car more competitive insurance lose so much money and must pay directly higher contributions from their new provider. Therefore, many insured before changing the recoil. This would now change the policy and to provide a stronger competition in the health insurance market. Purpose of retirement provisions due to the formation of retirement provisions to prevent growth in contributions in the age. At a young age pay the insured more than they actually take for health services.

With increasing age then more services needed, this can be compensated with the retirement provisions. Currently, approximately 180 billion euros are available for around nine million insured persons. In the cut are 20,000 euro per policyholder where the older policyholders amount is higher and young private patients according to low. The interest rate rises the saved amount at EUR 10 billion per annum. Understandably have little interest in the private health insurers that the rules something is changing.

Quite different, it looks at the insured, where some disadvantages caused by the current provisions. Changing the insurance is often not who already since before 2009 is private health insurance, can’t take his acquired age provisions for changing the insurance. Thus the insured loses tons of money. In addition, that must be paid when the new provider because of there lack retirement provisions from the beginning at a higher premium. Thus, the change is uninteresting and remain insured in their previous provider, even if they are dissatisfied with the services or the service. Consumer advocates complain the current practice already a long time and therefore demands a legal change to achieve more competition on the sick insurance market. Policy wants more competition policy has also recognized that some changes needed with regard to the private health insurance. This includes in particular, the creation of more competition. Currently, there are plans that insured when changing the provider may take a larger part of their retirement provisions. The FDP encourages greater transparency in base rates, as well as new concepts for the development of the contribution in its election manifesto.

Statutory Longterm Care Insurance

  • Posted on January 19, 2015 at 12:14 pm

The services of a private long-term care insurance services has a nursing, is determined by the appropriate level of care. Applicants need the level of care I have a needs 90 minutes a day. Not more than 235 euro for the nursing allowance is paid by the statutory health insurance. This maintenance money not enough for the upcoming maintenance. There are high costs for the needy in this case. Unfortunately, for the existing assets of the applicant or that of direct relatives will be used.

To protect himself and his relatives, only a private long-term care insurance can help. Customers can no longer rely on the statutory long-term care insurance the number of dependent persons in Germany is increasing more and more. In the year 2013, there were over 3 million people. The statutory health insurance come to unpredictable costs. According to the AOK can cover these costs already today. There are no alternative solutions to this major problem.

Positive is it, that the policy with appropriate reforms and adjustments this future topic. One of the mentioned adjustment is for example the better financial support for dementia patients. What costs assumes a private long-term care insurance elderly people quickly realize that the care level often is not sufficient to cover all costs. A private long-term care insurance takes over those costs, which does not cover the legal care Fund. Following now a computed example: 1550 EUR statutory entitlement at the care level III. The actual demand is mostly up to 3500 euro. The private long-term care insurance would pay for this difference. Here you can learn more about the benefits of a private long-term care insurance. The social security code (SGB) clearly defined the tasks of a maintenance fund for which services the nursing Fund arises. It is the needy in kind, services and benefits to support the task of the maintenance fund. Also it helps Care Fund at the coordination of medical and nursing care. Under certain conditions, there is the possibility that the contributions for pension insurance can be applied. All benefits in kind, in the values must be provided up to 1550 euros, at the maintenance level III. AIDS, care treatment and other costs are taken over only proportionately. Requiring the outpatient, stationary or domestic supplies must be, receive a prescribed performance plan. The Government support of private care insurance starting in 2013, it is possible that the private long-term care insurance can be promoted nationally.

This insurance is called care-Bahr, and was designed by the Federal Government. The current state of health of the applicant has no meaning for the insurance. Anyone, it’s possible to get this promotion. The amount of funding is 5 euros per month. But turns out that the insured take very bad Vertragsbedinungen in purchase of care-Bahr must. Also the State grant is able to compensate this drawback. The reform to assist in care among other people with dementia care new registration law better financially. Enables a subsidy such as assistance of up to EUR 200. So, the mentally ill and disabled people are taken into account for the first time. For this reason ambulatory care services in addition to basic services can offer also a domestic supply. Conclusion due to the demographer change fish care coffers can no longer cover the costs. Supply gaps in care children must be up financially. The policy has recognized the problem, but currently no solution can offer.

Drug Administration

  • Posted on January 18, 2015 at 12:31 am

Breast implants plastic surgery has made possible the transformation of virtually all parts of the body, from the nose up to the thighs and almost everything there is in the middle. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John Mclaughlin. For women who want larger breasts for aesthetic reasons, there is surgery of breast augmentation, where to place implants in the breast tissue or underneath the chest muscle to increase the size of the breasts. Women who have small breasts, or whose breasts have lost their fullness after pregnancy or weight loss, may be candidates for the breast implants. Although breast implants they can be used for reconstruction purposes (for example, once your breasts are removed because of cancer), this article includes only the aesthetic breast augmentation. Discusses the types of breast implants available, procedures, and complications that can occur.

Types of breast implants there are two types of breast implants: saline and silicone. Implants with filling of solution saline are shells of Silicone filled with sterile salt water (saline). Silicone-filled implants are silicone shells filled with a gel of plastic (silicone). Although many women say that silicone implants feel more like real breasts than saline, posed to be more risky if it leaks. In 1992, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration or administration of drugs and food in its acronym in English) stopped the sale of implants silicone due to security issues. But in 2006, after reviewing the additional investigation, the FDA allowed two manufacturers Mentor and Allergan to sell silicone implants.

G5climate Warming Agreement

  • Posted on January 12, 2015 at 8:14 pm

More on having managed to affix their signatures for their content. On the other hand, emerging countries of the G5 (Brazil, Mexico, India and China and South Africa) noted the need to equitably shared responsibility on global warming and that the G8 should set objectives closer, like cutting their emissions by 2020 from 25 % and 40% from their levels 1990. Notes also the source of information used That the environmental NGOs criticized U.S. John Mclaughlin gathered all the information. President George Bush, had blocked any progress on global warming, with the help of Canada, Greenpeace and stated that the G8 has a poor attitude of responsibility, the challenge of climate change and that the agreements reached at about evidence that these countries are back on the world once again. Notably, Oxfam for its part, regretted that the G8 countries have demonstrated their targets for reducing emissions of gases responsible for global warming in the climate change agreement. "It is disappointing that some members of the G-8, including the world leader in pollution, the U.S., specific targets have not signed, not even an indicative target of stabilizing global warming at a summit in Germany. This means that no process will work to keep global warming below 2 C, implying that Climate change will devastate poor countries and seriously jeopardizing the fight against poverty ", as said Antonio Hill, head of climate change advocacy in the organization. The basis of the agreement announced by the G8 set to work together in the process opened by United Nations until 2009 to complete negotiations for the post-Kyoto agreement which governed from 2012 within the UN multilateral framework, taking into account the commitments European Union, Japan and Canada to cut by 50% gas emissions until 2050, establishing substantial emissions cuts for all members of the G-8 without specifying the concrete goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the USA and Russia; and absence of unanimous agreement in relation to limit global warming below 2 C.

Water Based Paints

  • Posted on January 11, 2015 at 1:51 am

Water-based paints (water-dispersion paints, latex paints, emulsion paints), a suspension of pigments and fillers in aqueous dispersions (latexes) film formers. Water emulsions are the last major manner by emulsion polymerization of the monomers (synthetic latex), as well as film-forming dispersion in water (so-called artificial latexes). Latex paint contains in its consisting usually of 10-15 components, including (% by weight): 40-60% probability aqueous dispersion of film-forming 35-40, 30-37 pigments and fillers, plasticizer 0-7; functional additives 2-6. Content in water-based paints dry residue of 50-60%. The most common film-forming water-based paints: copolymers of acrylates (acrylic water-based paints), polyvinyl acetate or copolymers of vinyl acetate with small amounts of acrylates.

alkilmaleinatov, ethylene, etc. (PVA water-based paints), copolymers of styrene with butadiene, methacrylic acid, etc. (styrene-butadiene water-based paints). Restrictions shall also apply Artificial latexes nitrate cellulose, epoxy, alkyd, polyester resins. polyurethanes, etc.

The range of pigments and fillers for water-based paints is limited to the specific requirements (minimum content of water-soluble impurities, sufficient hydrophilicity, etc.). Most often produce white water-based paints, paint color produced by adding a white podtsvetochnyh (tinting), pastes and color inks are be very diverse. Limit the number of pigments and fillers is usually 75-85% of the critical volume content of the pigment, or pigmentoemkosti (Table 1), – a dimensionless quantity characterizing the maximum density of “packing” of pigment in a monolithic film. Table. 1.-Aqueous Dispersions HIGHLIGHTS film former used to prepare water-based paints acrylic dispersions Index copolymer dispersions of homo-and copolymers of vinyl acetate, styrene-butadiene latex content,% 40-50 50-60 45-50 polymer residual monomer. less than 0.1 0.1 0.05 Particle size of the polymer, 0.1-0.3 mm 0,1-2,0 0,12-0,2 critical. content by volume of pigment 0,45-0,48 0.35-0.45 0.3-0.35

French Stretch Ceilings

  • Posted on January 1, 2015 at 2:44 am

French tension ceilings – that mysterious combination that creates a feeling of exclusivity that what is at stake. At the time, as this abroad perhaps the most popular solution ceiling decoration in country houses, apartments, industrial and medical facilities. Stretch ceilings – a kind of suspended ceiling systems. More information is housed here: John Mclaughlin. In contrast to already known to all slatted aluminum, plastic and mineral ceilings, suspended ceilings PVC is a heavy-duty foil, which reliably protects against moisture, is not subject to degradation, does not accumulate static electricity, in line with international requirements of environmental and hygienic safety and is therefore recommended for use in children and medical facilities. The main difference between a stretch ceiling – it's anchorage systems.

Bezgarpunnye systems are of several kinds. In the wedge-shaped method of installation of stretch ceiling by means of driving a wedge of plastic in a pre-set ceilings profil.natyazhnye film using a 10-15cm wider than the ceiling, and the speakers cut surplus and special decorative cover plate. This method of mounting a long and laborious. The principle of the latch-clip. In this way, mounted ceilings made of polyester with a special polyurethane impregnation. Read additional details here: Con Edison.

They have only white and, if necessary, a well-painted ceiling paints. The disadvantage is the inability to bezgarpunnoy system restore after removing the ceiling. It can be called a one-off. Harpoon system (Time Studio) – is a more perfect form of suspended ceilings. They used a unique manufacturing techniques and cutting fabric to form around the perimeter of a semi-rigid profile (spear), which is fixed in the visible or hidden profiles of high reliability (baguettes). Only harpoon system offers a choice of different types of baguettes PVC, which allow you to set ceilings on the premises of any complexity and form. And their decorative profiles provide correct contours and significantly improve the visual effect. The exact size of the manufacturer manufactures ceilings for each individual room.