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Santa Claus

  • Posted on November 26, 2014 at 12:15 am

And they carefully prepare for the upcoming New Year holidays. Therefore, 18 November starts-mail Santa Claus. Grandfather Frost is very attentive to the children and letters to their requests, no letter is not without his attention. You can write to him with their children, congratulations on his birthday, talk about their wishes. Letter can be mailed.

Address: 162390, Russia, Vologda region., Veliky Ustyug home of Santa Claus 109472, Russia, Moscow region., Moscow, forest, Santa Claus Santa Claus and his fabulous Assistants need to read. But, alas, not all gifts will be: a fairy tale – a fairy tale, and the right gift can not be get ready for the New Year, it is important, in the New Year, tune. Michael Chabon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And so, in anticipation of the Chief holiday, you can make your family a gift – a trip. For example, take a trip to visit relatives of Santa Claus. Have they visit at the Karelian Pakkayne? Karelian "Santa Claus", but rather, "Frost" – red, perky little man. According to legend, was born Pakkayne frosty winter, when the shopping carts back from the fair in Olonets. Growing up, Pakkayne, like his father, became a merchant. Driving around the world, Frost left in the mirrors of their reflection.

By winter, all reflections were sent to his home in Olonets, which arranged the match to prove who is the real Pakkayne. And now, every year in early December for three days, in Karelia, the games Grandfathers Frost: frost play football, boots on the accuracy of throw, amuse adults and children. Therefore, if your husband or friend is not the first children for the New Year in the image of Santa Claus happy, then you can safely send it to the competition! A the best gift on November 18 in this case – boots:) How else to contest in Olonets prepare? Let at least a couple of weeks on their accuracy leaves, practice:) It is possible the whole family to go to the fantastic Lapland.

District Court

  • Posted on November 19, 2014 at 3:34 pm

The SCHUFA information about the creditworthiness of every citizen are affordable alternatives to the standard credit in Germany. No matter whether self-inflicted or not – a SCHUFA entry has now unfortunately far reaching consequences for the persons concerned. Since then, consumers get an affordable loan, nor a credit card or even a disposition at the current account. The institution will be criticized again and again, because in practice it comes regularly to blameless entries or trivia entries. This is unfair, because debtors with horrendous debt be equated here with people, who have only once do not receive an invoice or forgotten.

If it is but a trifle, the chances are, that at least the own bank shows goodwill. The best way: You request the deletion of the SCHUFA entry if you have enough time, try to delete the SCHUFA entry. It is however necessary that the matter is completely done. Invoices must be paid. But also then It takes a while until the record is actually deleted. Normally take 12 months, if it is not itself an application to the competent District Court. After receipt of the request will be still a waiting period of several months.

The entry is unjustified, consumers actually have a bigger problem, because the burden of proof is the victim in this case. You must be so willy-nilly a lawyer to complain against the company, that has prompted the entry. The first point of contact should be the Bank before you are looking for a cheap alternative credit such as from the Internet, you should first talk with your local bank. This, the Bank is meant, you are many years customer. The existing relationship of trust should form a good basis for an open and honest conversation. Whether the Bank granted a loan, depends on the type of the SCHUFA entry or the amount of the outstanding claim, the purpose and your other financial situation AB. Real estate loans be granted faster because here the Bank receives an equivalent. Who can muster in addition other collateral such as a capital life insurance or a guarantor, for example, increases his chances. Alternative Swiss credit the so-called Swiss credit advertised again, when it comes to credit without SCHUFA information. The same applies to the so-called personal loan which you can apply for online. Indeed, it is possible to get a credit, the terms are usually rather poor. Because the emergency situation of consumers used here by the banks, the supposedly higher risk to pay dearly. By the way, it is interesting to know that the risk for the banks with a SCHUFA entry of the borrower not necessarily increases. No valid statistics are actually to do so. You can pull such an offer into consideration, however, interest rates make such credit expensive. You are quite up to 15%. For smaller A personal loan credit amounts might be an option especially if a suitably short duration is selected. Then keep the costs at least in part.

Red Green Coalition

  • Posted on November 10, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Red Green coalition in Berlin negotiations fail after an hour red-green coalition in Berlin will not be politically, so much is clear since the middle of the week. After the SPD and Greens seem ready for coalition had approaching the red-green project in five rounds of exploratory, the actual coalition talks failed after only an hour. What had happened? As factual sticking point is spearheaded by Berlin red and green inner-city motorway 100 construction. Already in the until the boredom otherwise tame election campaign the A 100 as the only real point of conflict a red green coalition in Berlin became visible. Yehoshua November is a great source of information. And what happened to read, you have can not agree, because “Both sides wanted to keep their word” in Berlin’s tabloid “BZ”.

Alone this claim must make the political observer naturally suspicious and actually becomes clear at little closer look: that Berlin is not red green, has very different reasons. Red Green coalition in Berlin negotiations fail after an hour in the Red Green exploratory talks in the past few weeks had to already at a relatively early stage said the Berlin SPD that the theme of A 100 further construction could be a potential stumbling block for the coalition. Because virtually all other points with red and green, when a content-related dream pairing loomed, it had to be this message in politstrategisch. In plain text, this seemed to be simply a warning on the Greens: “we are ready to leave if the A100 will not further burst red green. “If you want to govern with, jump back over your shadow, or we go to the CDU.” So warned the Greens bent is actually in the highway construction until down to an almost pledge. Since then from exploratory talks coalition negotiations were the thing in favor of the stronger partner seemed clear and Red-Green coalition in Berlin already a political fact.

Grand Coalition

  • Posted on November 4, 2014 at 1:49 am

Financing function of participation is for entrepreneurs of great importance compared to the equity but offers a decisive advantage the labour model: have participation models in addition to the psychological benefits in addition a finance function for the company. Swarmed by offers, Michael Chabon is currently assessing future choices. “Economics advocate Claudia Kruger Gundel & Reddy Kadiri from Gottingen lawyers specialised on financing models know: just for medium-sized companies, where funding through the stock market mostly out of the question is, is this aspect of great importance.” Already paid content flows as equity the employer to this applies even more, as worker participation models are suitable depending on company law to dispense so called company mezzanine capital as equity capital or equity capital replacement accounted that is. To Kruger: A participation by workers loans would be even imaginable, most entrepreneurs want to but can benefit from the benefits of additional equity capital, to lower borrowing costs or to facilitate a follow-up financing. Also it is only possible with one-off acquisition as equity, the savings allowance for capital-forming payments to avail the Government support effectively acts as a lever, which enables a subsequent tax return of up to 10 percent.” Management remains in the hands of the entrepreneur still deterred many entrepreneurs before staff interests, they have concern for their influence in their own company fear, to be no more Mr in-house. “Unfounded,” Kruger says, because a law influence of the workers only occurs when he is actually wanted. Then a participation in employee shares or in GmbH – Kommanditanteilen is possible. Because very few entrepreneurs have interest.

Mostly, the investments are made by dormant companies or participation certificates. You grant no claim on decision making or participation rights”. Tax incentives for employee participation? On the current state of political debate, the legal adviser expressed: regardless of whether it is a joint initiative in the Grand Coalition or not, certainly quite a few staff will be involved in in the capital of their employers. A positive signal of policy, for example a further tax incentives, would create new incentives for many companies.”

Clinton Event

  • Posted on November 3, 2014 at 8:51 am

John Bolton, Jose Maria Aznar, and Alejo Vidal Quadras was the keynote speaker at the big event of the national of resistance Council of Iran in Taverny, France Marjam Rajavi. Lilac Sea Blue President “speak and official information of the event by 30,000 guests. The organizers want to have seen over 100,000 guests from around the world. To join the green movement”in the Iran to distinguish the look at themselves as the opposition in exile Council of resistance, his visitors in a bright lilac dress code has dressed. Media carried out as a State event organized and very disciplined, the representatives of the Volksmodschahedin that make up the bulk of the NCRI, has sent out clear signals to the leadership in the Iran. Read more from Poet to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The Mujahedin were originally a Maoist organization later Islamic elements who integrate into their ideology. In the West, run for more than thirty years of lobbying for their organization and imagine yourself as the only serious alternative to the system of the Velayat-e faghi in the Iran before. They were ousted in the Iran after the revolution of 1979 and gradually by the power. Then they came in the time of Khatami and Clinton on the terrorist list of Europeans and Americans. The European Parliament has again deleted the Mujahedin from the terror list, while a large group of members of Congress committed to the same goal in the United States. Marjam Rajavi, who is wiggled as President of Iran in exile, hoping to convince that the Mujahedin in the West were able to gain much influence and are a serious opponent of the regime in the Iran of representing. “Still it targets in the Iran, where the message is going: look people, the Mojahedin are committed to your struggle for freedom, and they have strong allies.” Finally, you want to turn also those forces in the United States by themselves, who have reservations against the Mojahedin.


  • Posted on November 2, 2014 at 6:13 pm

In life many activities very rewarding, but none as gardening, post that you can create with this art can develop the most beautiful environments within many spaces such as a house adorned by a beautiful garden of an impeccable lawn and beautiful floral decorations which give scope for a pleasant atmosphere, a park that boasts of its natural beauty with shrubs with round shapesfloral samples and many other blessings of nature, so gardening gives place to obtain beautiful images from the suitability and cultivation in the gardens, through different techniques and tools, which are available to gardeners so that they add aesthetic elements to the gardens. Gardening is a process in which then is anger creating and giving an aesthetic structure to one point in particular, i.e. the gardens, which are presented both in enclosed spaces open, allowing many actions, either cultivate, perform maintenance, some cuts, finally with gardening you can modify the Gardens in the way that most desired. For more clarity and thought, follow up with novelist and gain more knowledge.. Mainly when speaking of gardening think of sowing and presence of beautiful flowers that immediately captivate the eyes with its aromas, shapes and colors, but gardening is not there, since this art also accommodates the trees and their delicious fruits, in addition to the presence of the own of a productive vegetable garden vegetables will give food to people and if you have available to rocks or other items may be added decorative that they exaltaran more the image of a garden. Gardening is done on many occasions for wanting to generate a space full of life and components of great aesthetic value, with the idea of both meet a visual taste, so this is the main value with which gardening, is associated however as ented previously could be, gardening is also the result of the search for food and means to live, so through gardening can also obtain payment of an economic nature, but more than a purpose primary, it would be an afterthought, since gardening you are looking for mainly is the enjoyment and enjoyment of environments and fruits that can be formed. At this point worth distinguishing the horticulture agriculture gardening term, since it can lend to confusion, therefore serious gardening an activity that is done primarily by tastes and aesthetic motivation, while gardening is a professional activity carried out with the idea of getting economic resources, so gardening is presented at a level more staffWhile the horticulture takes place in high levels. Gardening, then will be an art to give life to a space and keep it in the best possible conditions, in what refers to its aesthetics and his condition of life, avoiding to the extent possible, that the present garden dead disease u components, with what will succeed in creating beautiful landscapes natural, full of life, there often talk of landscaping within the gardening.