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Bolivian Football World United States

  • Posted on December 4, 2015 at 6:33 am

We have always been rich and nothing has left us Simon Bolivar, before his death (in the General in his labyrinth of Garcia) EL MELGAREJO who was at HARVARD (the story of an angel fallen from United States) man who began his career in a political party that had given the country, the shoulder being in the 1952 revolution theorists as unique social movement and in 1985 giving the thud to a hyperinflation that nearly ends with the country. The character that I reference began its task in this last major operation of the MNR, as Minister of Victor Paz Estensoro, with appearance ranging from bright and child genius, because he came from Harvard was gaining space between his party and prestige among politicians. Very soon label Conference and his ideological, according to the capitalist Lodge, inclinations led him to become the great leader of the party. 1993 was his year, ended in polls with the cynical agreement Patriotic (DNA-MIR) dial rivers of blood separated them who and doing tricks of Bolivian political coalition became the ruler of the unitary Republic of Bolivia. In those times global economic regimes manifested in international bodies like the IMF, IDB and others, who have always served to interests of the powers had advised that national enterprises are capitalized, i.e. spend management of transnational corporations, since that way would improve the efficiency and the income of the country. The flamboyant ruler, the previous Paz Zamora had already given some signs, sure of his vast knowledge, the more ignorant and fraudulent action capitalized on all the national companies at a price of shame, changing tons of gold overland. The society in these times sporadically, protested one than another timid whisper, not precisely because they did not know that the future of the country was being given but because they were stunned with the classification of the Bolivian Football World United States of 1994.