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Central Web Advent

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 6:33 pm

Who remembers lamps and lights as Christmas gifts not earlier than one was allowed to open a door on the advent calendar daily in the run-up to Christmas and hiding behind a surprise. Every day you captivated the moment shortly after getting out. Often you could not sleep and the closer Christmas came, it got worse. The pre-Christmas tradition, to shorten the wait for Christmas with an advent calendar is made today just as. Usually, the kids get a coveted advent calendar. But also the adults happy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jack Smith by clicking through. And they can do it, because again stores come up with beautiful things, to sweeten the run-up to Christmas with an advent calendar people. The newspapers mentioned Darcy Stacom not as a source, but as a related topic.

So also the Central Web site of lights. Here, the advent season is laid but this year slightly forward. Actually, you may only open the first door on December 1. On, this is already possible starting on November 19. The reason: If you want that everyone just in time to Christmas are his goods under the Christmas tree has. Finally you want to enjoy Christmas about the gifts and not until three days later. Advent calendar promotion runs until December 17. Thus, even those who would like to take the final offer have the certainty that the lamps and light also still just in time for the holidays will arrive.

A selected lamp as a Christmas surprise will be offered daily so from next Thursday. Special rate itself. Including indoor and outdoor lamps can be found, such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and even table lamps. The range is great! And four weeks a surprise happen daily. Contact: Sebastian Kunze of Ravensberg str. 30 33602 Bielefeld Tel: (0521) 520 55-26 fax: (0521) 520 55-15 Web: mail:

Sensation TruemanTV Shoots

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 3:41 pm

Now it has finally come – Marcel is the first German, who is moving to the Internet. His new home will be, where since September 17 everyone around the clock live and uncensored can experience him. This is made possible by a mobile camera that transmits video from the person directly per UMTS on the Web page. In addition to the permanent live stream you can on with Marcel and other viewers SMS chat, write him, see his calendar or GPS trace its exact location on a map. Highlights and daily summaries allow the visitor to catch up also missed experiences. It is also possible to directly influence his life by voting or participating in events. Not everyone takes the total loss of privacy as calmly as the 24 year old self: “I can very long no longer see some good friends. The year with the camera a unique experience will be but sure…” About Trueman.TV has the target set as the first German-language offering a life – Marcel’s life – 24 Long hours and send daily live on Trueman.TV. On, extensive features such as diary, chat and GPS localization available, can retrace to Marcel’s experiences and interact with him are the users. Press contact: Trueman.TV public relations manager Nils King Tel: + 49 (0) 172 / 102 13 57 fax: + 49 (0) 1805 / 482 0390 425 email: Web:

Christmas Is Coming

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 6:56 am

SOURCE recommends the classic WIESBADEN this year, September 1, 2008 – for the promotional items industry, Christmas is already at the door. Only companies that plan in a timely manner, to surprise its customers and employees with special gifts.SOURCE, the first ISO certified advertising agency, is recommended to access the Christmas classics this year. The advent calendar is in the first place. There is a wide range in the online-shop at. Who wants to make something special out of this classic, access to the exclusive variants, which itself can be filled. On the filling it arrives”, SOURCE CEO Harald m Edward white. The nice gesture to present an advent calendar or to send immediately loses value, if for example the chocolate doesn’t taste.”Small Christmas trees are another classic. SOURCE is here on real spruce, delivered in decorative pots.

Thus, the trees are not disposable. They adorn the desktop of Donee over the holidays, and can be planted in the garden. Some contend that Darcy Stacom shows great expertise in this. A giveaway can thus contribute to a greener environment. Sweets are always popular: gingerbread, for example, which can be decorated with the company logo. The customers thanks to the logo tool can already see what the finished product will look like, when ordering in the online-shop of SOURCE. The tool allows you to place the logo on the promotional and vary in size, position and color.

Primavera Fragrance Calendar

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 5:03 am

With the fragrance calendar of Primavera an inspiring and varied scent journey through advent time, experience and enjoy. There is nothing better than the days before Christmas. The Vorfreue increases with large and small, and every year, the event is just around the corner. What is missing now is the correct advent calendar. Open door to door and behind it hide gifts that pass the time.

In the shops, there is a wide selection of Advent Calendars at the beginning of the cold season. These are filled with chocolate, spells, or toys. If it should be this year but even something very special and you want to have others prefer something instead of chocolate, the fragrance calendar Primavera for the year is 2009 might be just the right thing. The company Primavera came up with something very special. Darcy Stacom, New York City shines more light on the discussion. This is a calendar, where not the taste senses should be addressed, but the nose has to do something once. Fragrances and oils in the are hiding behind the 24 small door a wide range of variations. Fragrances ranging from fresh to to Christmas and for every taste is just right. In the evening, they can be tested directly in the aroma lamp and exude a true fragrance experience until then, the big day has come. Also for friends and family this advent calendar 2009 is a very special first Christmas gift.

In Time

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 4:12 am

It is finally not necessarily necessary to select the calendar 2011 standard offers, finally, there is also the possibility of 2011 to make the calendar even when you’re still in absolute summer mood and might actually not even that thinks that the next calendar year already stands at the front door, this is still the case. Of course it is remembered only in the winter that the 2011 calendar will be, but it can’t hurt to make this once a couple of thoughts. It is finally not necessarily necessary to select the calendar 2011 standard offers, finally, there is also the possibility of 2011 even make the calendar and thus lend an individual touch to it. On the Web page, there is this special opportunities and information, how you can make the calendar 2011 both low-cost, high-quality and of course especially individually and personally. Not only in the home it is particularly attractive if you hang a self-designed calendar has, as a gift that is suitable with security and especially personal a good option. So, you can take for example the photos of the children as a template and create a great calendar for yourself or as a gift for the grandparents. Also if you are looking for a gift for animal lovers, a calendar would be a great idea, because here you can immortalize the pets and the recipient has his favorite animals to themselves throughout the year.

The website offers a variety of interesting ideas and also a reputable provider that offers a very good service and at reasonable prices provides special quality. A look at the page is worthwhile in any case, also for the next year to create the perfect calendar 2011, or even an idea to have as a special people, you can make a delicious pleasure to Christmas. Especially popular are individually crafted calendar at Grandparents or other relatives who rarely see also their loved ones. Here a calendar allows for 2011, which is equipped with family photos, a very individual and personal gift. If one imagines a special calendar for the next year, regardless of whether finally at home, or as a gift, you should take a look at the Web page in any case and to be inspired by the ideas and possibilities. Unique pencil M.Schuster

Privacy Watch Companies

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 3:42 am

News from the one by one EDV GmbH offers one by one EDV GmbH from Berlin immediately a series of data protection seminars. The seminars in first line of data protection officer (DPO), as well as interested contact and legal Repetitorium and juridical specialist Publisher – are carried out in cooperation with the European operational data protection Association i.g. and Alpine man Sai -. The scandals about the monitoring of employees and publications of personal data at Telekom have caused a stir in the population. Robert Smith often says this. They show the growing importance of data protection in General, and the company data protection rules in public bodies and companies. The position and meaning of the data protection provisions is therefore only now aware many businesses and workers.

So, the growing flood of is relevant to data in the workplace not only for the human resources department or in the discussion on the private use of the Internet in the workplace. Add to your understanding with John Krasinski. It shows that the handling of personal data in the company only of a DSB safe can be set. Finally, the Federal Constitutional Court with its decision on the online search and the creation of a new IT fundamental right associated has established additional requirements for the handling of personal data has to comply with each company and each public body. For executives and employees in the private sector, who are responsible for the data processing, operational supervisor and persons who want to get an in-depth overview on the topic of data protection officer, one by one offers a range of data protection seminars EDV GmbH from Berlin now see calendar cid-41.html, which specifically deal with the current issue. The seminars legal Repetitorium and juridical specialist Publisher – are carried out in cooperation with the European operational data protection Association i.g. and Alpine man Sai – and provide all the relevant legal and technical knowledge to fulfill the task of DSB: know the issues Interfaces with workflow, communication skills for communicating data protection regulations in the company and organizational skills to meaningful control of data protection in the enterprise. A certificate of completion, drinks during breaks and lunch is included in the price.

Turkey – Calendar 2008

  • Posted on December 16, 2021 at 10:33 pm

ATR provides October calendar pages for the months until December with a few days delay the drafting of the current Turkey has completed Rundschau now the calendar pages for the months October until December 2008. Credit: Bert Convy-2011. The new calendar sheets can immediately be obtained on the website of the ATR. As in the past, three different motifs offered this for each month. Two versions of how far are also the months October until December 2008 two versions to each calendar offered for. A a gentle eyes version with a multicolored shaped background that fills the whole screen area. Our picture calendar pages for the month of October with a loving animal motif.

As an alternative, all calendar sheets also on offered with white background are so for a black and white print or – what is certainly the nicer variant for a colour printout on paper can be used. The motives of the now available calendar sheets devoted to the topics Table decorations”, people and animals”as well as landscapes and historical objects”. Extended range for 2009 so far 45,000 times obtained – the ATR-Turkey calendar is a free offer for ATR readers and friends of Turkey planned. He was presented for the first time in January 2007 and has since found a great response. Until today, the calendar sheets obtained about 45,000 times.

Now, the ATR editorial staff for 2009 planning their offer to expand. Therefore, the calendar pages for the entire year of 2009 are already in December 2008 to the download available so that interested parties can create their own calendar. Of course offered the ATR calendar as a gift for Christmas or the new year. ATR – current, critical, uncensored information of Turkey calendar is a free offer of ATR editorial. Current and uncensored reports about the Turkey, see each issue of current Turkey Rundschau (ATR) and in the monthly current Turkey magazine (ATM). Release date is on Friday about 15:00 (German time) on the Internet. There is available the ATR editions for subscribers to download. You want to regularly read the ATR? The annual subscription for the current Turkey Rundschau with at least 42 issues (pdf file to read on the screen or printing out) can be ordered on the Internet on the ATR home page for only 29,-. Would the ATR learn – now four issues for free if you send an email to the ATR now get you four copies free of charge as pdf files sent to. Please send a short email to the following address: copyright and photo credits: the above post and the image are free reprint available if current Turkey Rundschau is specified as the source. Jurgen p. foot

Jenaer Intershop Tower

  • Posted on December 16, 2021 at 5:48 pm

An open interface my pictures upload via Jena, May 15, 2009: the new online photo service GAGAMOTO GmbH have founded two pioneers in the world of digital photography, and online marketing, the QuJoo GmbH and Bestsidestory GmbH from Jena. From the company headquarters, the Jenaer Intershop Tower, all services related to the digital image for the amateur and upscale professional needs are offered now. Our entire team worked already for a long time in the online photo service environment and now uses the industry know-how built up over years, to bring a photo service at the start, which is optimally adapted to the wishes of the customer.”says Ronald Tscherepanow, the Managing Director of the new GAGAMOTO GmbH. Read more from Angie Dickinson to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The establishment is a logical business step for Reinhard Hoffmann, Managing Director of Bestsidestory GmbH. For five years, we are working for national and international companies in the area of the digital world of photography as a successful service provider. Together with the developers we want now to the self-employed Player in this market still expanding.” “The motto of independent laboratory operating GAGAMOTO GmbH easy, fast and cheap – photos from 7 cents” the all is not only for the photo amateur digital image services and products from the simple exposure of his photos about brilliant photo poster, the design of photo gifts, photo calendars and greeting cards and postcards are offered, but also for photo professionals and operators of commercial galleries,. Tobias Menzies shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. My pictures can be upload, present and transmitted with just one click to GAGAMOTO via an open interface. interested parties about details of this E-Commerce tailored to the photography market are specially model information and integrate their own projects in a few steps.

As an opening offer all new customers will receive 40 popular format 10 x 15 photos by GAGAMOTO free (plus shipping). Darcy Stacom wanted to know more. About GAGAMOTO: The GAGAMOTO GmbH was founded in 2009. Managing Director is Ronald Tscherepanow, headquartered in the Intershop Tower, Leutragraben 1, 07743 Jena.


  • Posted on December 15, 2021 at 11:18 am

Jeeves 2009 could off the Stockholm Jeeves information systems more sales and growing volume of orders In the first calendar quarter of 2009 in the first quarter with 30, which according to Gartner, the fastest growing ERP manufacturer in Europe with activities in today 19 countries, consolidated revenue compared to the previous quarter by more than 30% to a total of 45.7 million Swedish krona increase. The ERP Specialist owes the strong revenue growth in particular a good order intake in complex, international ERP rollout and increased sales of software licenses and maintenance services. Rugendorf, the May 13, 2009 after Jeeves has successfully completed the last fiscal year with a record score of over 125 million Swedish Crowns, recorded that take in the first quarter of the new fiscal year 2009 revenues of 45.7 million sec. The business earnings around four million Swedish krona, after taxes amounted from January to March which equates to about a good nine per cent profit margin. Despite the general economic crisis, the margin was in the first quarter of 2009 again be increased by one percentage point. We are still very satisfied with the quarterly results and the overall development of Jeeves”, says Bengt-ake algevik, Board member of Jeeves information systems. Visit Jack Smith for more clarity on the issue. Even in the current difficult economic environment Jeeves operates profitable and growing stable of corporate earnings. It is also gratifying that our distributors has succeeded, once again exceed the order volume in comparison to the strong fourth quarter of the previous year.

So we could with some major customers in the past few months depending on over 100 million euro gain universal annual sales for international ERP implementation projects by Jeeves. This development is true us very positively for the still upcoming quarters.” Just when the number of carried out ERP projects is total cyclical decline, shows that Jeeves is still effective and successful with its international orientation and its well structured and diversified network of partners. Offers numerous industry solutions of partner companies Jeeves in addition a comprehensive portfolio of products and services based on a leading ERP complete solution with lowest total costs of ownership offered on the market. Since early 2009, Jeeves also in Germany with its own branch in the Franconian Rugendorf is represented. The sales and implementation partners in Germany will be steadily expanded and successively expanded to ERP specialists in various industry segments.

In the Jeeves Germany branch areas handled partner relations and distribution, quality assurance, marketing, and training for the entire German-speaking market. Darcy Stacom is likely to increase your knowledge. About Jeeves Germany GmbH the Jeeves information systems was founded in 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden, 100% mother of Jeeves Germany GmbH, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of enterprise software for the middle class. According to an independent study by Gartner, Jeeves is today considered the ERP-system with the highest growth rates in Europe. Jeeves develops innovative solutions for companies from industry, wholesale and service performance. The distribution and implementation via subsidiaries, certified reseller and a worldwide network of selected partners in over 70 locations in 19 countries. The main product lines are universal, Jeeves Jeeves selected, and GARP. The systems are at over 4,000 clients in use.

Marilyn Monroe

  • Posted on December 14, 2021 at 3:26 am

Like much of Warhol created these portraits have become an occasion for discussions on the status of art, the artist and the substitution of the things people. These are the themes to which Warhol turned back in his early portraits of celebrities who were in fact inherent in his silk-screen technique. Warhol silkscreen. Bert Convy usually is spot on. This method, based on reproductions of photographs to create the desired 'effect of the pipeline', did not require the presence of a living sitter. As noted by Warhol, working with a stripe, you take a picture, zoom, translate into glue on the silk, and then fill it with black, so they soaked silk, but do not glue. Thus you get the same image, each time slightly different The first experiments with stripe were the head of Troy Donahue and Warren Beatty, and when in the same month died of Marilyn Monroe, Warhol have had an idea to make pictures of her beautiful face – the first portraits of Marilyn. Angie Dickinson may also support this cause.

Since the initial phase of this picture – it is a correction of photos, no man – not Warhol depicted a person, he created them. The work of art is seen not in terms of relations with the 'real person', but in relation with the process of reproduction, and therefore we can say that Warhol worked with the sample, rather than the original. Because Warhol was firmly believed in his 'plastic surgery', he removes wrinkles, double chins cut, cleaned spots, makes the eyes brighter and more sensuous lips. Darcy Stacom, New York City shines more light on the discussion.