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Town Hall Peace

  • Posted on November 30, 2017 at 10:48 am

The motion is driven by the PP in the Town Hall of Ermua. As reported by Bildu, the aforementioned motion, which will be discussed in a plenary session Wednesday, responds to schemas surpassed by most of society. It will also present a text in dnsa of dialogue and the agreement towards peace. Other leaders such as Electric offer similar insights. Bildu announced Tuesday a decision that again, it will be controversial. It is their councillors will not vote on the motion driven by the PP in the Town Hall of Ermua (Vizcaya) which condemned each and every one of the killings of ETA and calls for its dissolution. In addition, Bildu will present a text in dnsa of dialogue and agreement to advance towards definitive peace. As reported by the coalition in a note, the aforementioned motion, which will be discussed in a plenary session Wednesday, responds to schemas surpassed by most of society. Bildu has overtaken their councilmen in this consistory will not vote the motion of the PP and be presented to the rest of groups a text – not put to the vote – conceived as an offering that the Coalition will in all institutions, particularly, in those in which the PP present the motion.

In its document, Bildu pointed out that peace and democracy are the components of the new political time, which can only be built on solid foundations if it is structured through dialogue and the agreement and on the basis of the plurality of the country. Towards peace also proposes analyze between everybody, without exclusions, councils can do to advance towards peace and added that the future of the Basque country must be in the hands of the will of citizens and all political projects, including independence, should be possible. Bildu has assured that the attainment of the scenario that will bring peace and the solution of the conflict is his top priority and has called on the other parties an exercise of responsibility and generosity to achieve definitive peace.

Bildu ETA

  • Posted on November 28, 2017 at 1:18 pm

Bildu Juan Karlos Izagirre independence ensures that your rrencia of pacification is the Gernika agreement signed by the abertzale left. The President denies the interpretation of Rubalcaba to be more complacent with ETA. Collective of victims of terrorism do not attend a reception of Izagirre dnsa of human rights organizations. Spm Llc might disagree with that approach. The Mayor of San Sebastian, the independence of Bildu Juan Karlos Izagirre, has assured that its rrencia of pacification is the Gernika agreement signed by abertzale left in September 2010. Izagirre, one of the parties complies with the first phase of cessation of violence but lack an end to the repressive measures of the Spanish State and other irregular situations. According to Mayor Bildu, it is struggling to achieve a scenario of political normalization which assumes celebrate acts of joint homage to victims of ETA and the Spanish State repression. Izagirre has denied the interpretation of the candidate of the PSOE and former Minister of Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, whereby Bildu now makes a speech more complacent than it was when this coalition was legalized with ETA. Tributes of all ideal colors is a tribute to victims of all colors, has indicated before that he is open to participate in an act of this kind since Bildu envisages the recognition of victims and a reconciled society; why we fight that will.

The Group of victims of the terrorism of the Basque country (Covite) and the Foundation Gregorio Ordonez have rejected Izagirre invitation to attend a reception with organizations related to human rights. The representative of Covite Cristian Matias has confirmed that this group of victims of terrorism has received the invitation extended by the Mayor to attend the ceremony, but they have decided not to go because they will not support any call for any town hall ruled by Bildu, since this coalition has not yet convicted or a single bombing of the terrorist group ETA. Victims of ETA on the complaints of the spokesman of the PSE-EE, Jose Antonio Pastor, that Bildu has no gestures towards the victims of ETA, on the other hand, agree to participate in acts of homage to ETA prisoners, the Mayor of San Sebastian has stated of gestures we walk sobrados, do every day and some return them with a slap, but will continue to do them. It has dndido, in this sense, the need to speak with everyone and about the festivities of San Sebastian has been supporter of that will be held in peace, irrespective of the demonstrations that may be that people enjoy. Asked above if you think that the dissolution of ETA is near, Juan Karlos Izagirre has pointed out that the process of political normalization is advancing well and for our part we’re putting everything what can be, because there is no turning back and we see it with great enthusiasm and positive. Source of the news: the Mayor of San Sebastian calling for an end of repression” of the State”

Hosni Mubarak Wednesday

  • Posted on April 26, 2017 at 10:03 am

A total of 590 people have been injured, according to the Deputy Minister of health. Demonstrators throw stones at the police, who in turn responds with the use of tear gas. The traffic is cut off, except for ambulances. At least 43 injured in clashes between protesters and police in Tahrir square. Hundreds of protesters face riot agents of the Egyptian police in the vicinity of the Tahrir square, epicenter of protests that ended with the regime of Hosni Mubarak Wednesday. At the moment, a total of 590 people have been injured, as reported by the Deputy Minister of health, Adel Adawi. Adawi explained that 75 of the injured were transferred to nine hospitals, while others were treated in ambulances and doctors stationed in places of incidents. Protesters throw stones to the police, which in turn respond with the use of tear gas, while other dozens of people have gathered in Cairo square to protest.

The traffic is cut in these moments, and the only vehicles accessing the site are ambulances coming to remove the wounded. These disturbances are the continuation of incidents that were experienced in this same area Tuesday night, which caused at least 43 wounded, according to medical sources told the official Mena Agency. The nearby streets to Tahrir square show the vivid pitched battle scenario and that is prolonged in these moments, with calcined containers, soil full of stones and paving stones and several of the demonstrators wearing masks by tear gas. The arrests sparked demonstrations incidents flared up on Tuesday when dozens of people tried to attack the Ministry of the Interior, in protest at the detention of seven people accused of having caused disturbances in front of a theatre where a ceremony for the families of the victims of the revolution was celebrated. During this ceremony, around 150 people they tried to enter the theatre to the balloon saying that they were relatives of the victims, but the entrance was forbidden them, the newspaper reported Wednesday governmental Al Ahram, which indicated that those present attacked the theater with stones and destroyed the door of the premises. After these events, numerous protesters from different points of the city approached the Tahrir square, where they clashed with police. This encouraged thousands of young people to move to the square to express their solidarity with the protesters attacked by police, according to witnesses. Source of the news: nearly 600 wounded in clashes on Tahrir square between policemen and demonstrators

Royal Family

  • Posted on March 24, 2014 at 9:34 pm

After a few months, a commission sent by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) visit each candidate city to evaluate the project, as with Madrid today. After the visit, the committee prepares a report is not binding on the final decision. Before this vote, a group representative of each candidate travels to the IOC headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland), to make a presentation of the project against Executive Committee and, after a few months, the vote and election of the Olympic host. The IOC is a private club comprised of 124 members from around the world responsible for selecting which hosts the Winter Olympics and summer every four years. Their selection criteria are often little less to do with sport than with political or economic strategies. Hence, the three cities with more options to host the Games are Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. First three candidates with a project more or less equal and able to organize the Olympic Games, the IOC are looking beyond sports. a Chicago builds on the support of President Obama, who wants to celebrate the Games in the city where he has lived for many years.

And the U.S. has half of the sponsors of the IOC, which represents 40% of the income of the Olympic body. Tokyo has the backing of the Japanese economy and large contracts with multinational companies that would mean a windfall. And finally Madrid, leaving a certain disadvantage and the Royal Family seeks the support needed to boost the candidacy. There seems to be an unwritten rule within the IOC to avoid award two years in a row within the same continent. This would be a plus for Chicago and against Madrid for the conclusion of 2012 and to Tokyo for Beijing in 2008. Madrid’s argument is that London 2012 will be a Madrid 2016 Games would Anglos and Latinos Games.

Rio de Janeiro part with the handicap of a lack of confidence from the IOC for the insecurity caused by inequality and poverty. a The race for the 2016 Olympic venue ends with the final vote on October 9, 2009. Four cities facing each other to become the world’s eyes for a month. Hopefully, the hunch of Madrid found not to gases. Almena journalist Raul Granado org. Collaboration is the Solidarity Center (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the objective of informing and educating the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks. In the website of CCS can be found all items, developed to date, classified by topic.

Diabetes: Faces Of An Epidemic, A Mother And Daughter Share Their Genes And Loading

  • Posted on June 1, 2013 at 3:36 am

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease, and in a family can have several members with the disease. The prevention and treatment should be so familiar as well. Patricia High-Edo and her daughter Jasmine Edo, play the violin and love to sing. The two enjoy playing volleyball and watching movies and traveling together. They love shopping and their size allows them to exchange clothes.

Now share more than either wants: diabetes. For four years, Ms. High-Edo, 42, has suffered from diabetes, a metabolic disorder in which the body produces too little insulin to control blood sugar levels in the blood. During that time, Jasmine has known that there are risks of developing the same disease, reddish discoloration of the skin around his neck was a sign of it. In January, Jasmine’s doctor asked the mother to begin to check the sugar level in the blood of Jasmine.

The numbers have reached 125, a level of 126 causes a person to pass a diagnosis of pre-diabetes to diabetes. She understands what it means, has seen his father for the disease, to me and an aunt who suffered from it, says Ms. High-Edo about Jasmine. Her aunt lost both legs, another aunt also suffers from diabetes and his father and grandmothers. But Jasmine is the only one in his family to suffer from diabetes at a young age: 13 years. Patricia High-Edo is among the 13. 3 million Americans over age 20 who have been diagnosed with diabetes, more than half the number in 1980.