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Interview Preparation

  • Posted on July 19, 2017 at 4:02 pm

By the way, your task – get the interview as much information about the vacancy and the company. It may well be that the orders set forth in the company, such as penalties for lateness, limited smoking breaks or something else, you absolutely do not satisfy The main thing is that everything you say sounds correct. Imagine yourself in the place of the agency, which hears the following monologue: "The name of the last company I do not remember exactly Yes, I changed them so much over the last year Salary? Yes, we get but how much – remember indistinctly ' Is it worth it in this case, contact the recruitment agency or is it a first memory to train? You should be ready for the question of reasons for dismissal from the previous place of work. Motivation is very important to your care Do not hesitate to say that at the previous place of work that you are not satisfied. Because you are not sentenced for life to work in the same Company! However, criticism is good in moderation Imagine the situation: the interview comes a female pharmacist who works at a prestigious pharmacy salary level it is quite comfortable. However, because of her story, it follows that pharmacy, there are certain rules that are literally bringing it out yourself. For example: customers have to smile politely, to monitor the showcase – to arrange medicines carefully and more can not be together for tea, only queue

Summer Students

  • Posted on August 14, 2015 at 12:27 pm

This question is from May to August hurts almost all seniors and students. Vacation, holidays and the frantic desire to start on its own to make. Even if that does not beg for pocket money from their parents. But there arises question. Where to go to the student, yet not really get an education. And even worse problem – where to turn students? Few people agree to take the staff very green does not professionals. Yea if u will take, by whom? Arsenal schoolboy not impressive – a dishwasher, distribution of promotional brochures, the peddler.

Am I missing something? Easier lucky owners of laptops with access to the Internet. Blogs, websites given the same question: "where students earn during the summer months? . and instantaneous mass of the answer – "Ask me, help", "Write in the mail will explain how to become a millionaire." Fraudsters do not yawn and actively lured into their networks Newby. Be careful! Whatever the writing, but to earn on clicks and viewing emails – it is impossible. Beware also contact employers who ask for money up front, and then promise to explain, explain, and just in time to earn. Want to earn good money, have learn a lot – this rule certainly works on the Internet, but the money for who knows what to give is not in a hurry. After all, knowledge is already available in free access.

At forums, free textbooks. Look, get a grasp, think. For example, in my blog I am constantly sharing with visitors the secrets of copywriting. Questions come in the mail, in comments to the articles – I'm trying to understand the information you need and all this for free. Copywriting – what is it? In early copywriting called the art of writing advertising texts and emails. There is desirable to know the reaction of people who own the perfect word, to be able to pick up the phrases that make the reader fidgeted in front of monitor and want to do what needed to the seller. With the growth of www, to formulate a new meaning – SEO-copywriting, when texts are created exclusively for the site. Here the features. You have already noticed that the article from the monitor read is difficult, often visitors do not get a grasp, and his eyes scanned the lists and subheadings. The purpose of a copywriter to write so that the material of the article "slipped" into the brain, "hooked" a visitor that he decided to stay on Web page and continue to view the content. Learn this really, if you learn not only of school teachers, and all the time.