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Munich Tel

  • Posted on May 9, 2021 at 3:41 am

Our analysts are the leading experts in technologies, markets and services for communications, collaboration and mobility in the DACH region. We advise companies and State institutions to align their technology and market strategies. In addition to a comprehensive go-to-market portfolio, we offer in-depth analysis of market potential and trends, as well as advice on the strategic positioning and product development ICT providers. CIOs and investors we help in the assessment of ICT providers and solutions to accompany them in their investment decisions. Public organizations and associations rely on our metrics and analysis as a basis for the design of ICT policy. Berlecon research was 1997 founded and owned since 2011 the PAC group. Hear from experts in the field like Piero “Peter” Tropeano for a more varied view. The company is headquartered in Berlin.

More information to the Companies and to recent publications:. Fraunhofer Institute for communication systems ESK explores the Fraunhofer ESK networked information and communications (ICT). founded in 1999, it has approximately 65 employees. The Director, Prof. Dr.-ing. Rudi Knorr, is also Professor of communication at the Faculty of applied Informatics of the University of Augsburg. The scientists are experts in wide areas of ICT, by transmission through protocols and systems for intelligent applications. They have special expertise in their areas of expertise of Adaptive communication systems, software methodology and mobile solutions.

The competences of the Fraunhofer ESK are the application fields automotive and industrial communication and communication solutions to use. Its customers include companies from the automotive and telecommunications industry as well as the production, automation and building technology.

Chaste World

  • Posted on May 8, 2021 at 6:41 pm

Without waiting for nothing of the policy nor of the politicians the crisis follows their course while nobody does nothing and apparently there is haste no to make changes of no type, the economy follows by grounds and stock-market goes to him to the rear, the economizers watch with preoccupation its finances, which have diminished because of the ascent of taxes, nothing has changed from January to today, only that the city is something the more gray, but sad and the number of open commerce is smaller, but it does not seem to matter to the political class that follows bottled in his cuitas, based on him and your but. The political parties are those sects where one if he is obedient and submissive can work a splendid future, without fighting itself with the real world, that all we know that he is harder than the politician where it is not necessary to think too much because he is already known the politicians do not think have advisers who think and decide by them, and so he does not need to them to stain the hands to make a decision. The political decisions are easiest to take, think one and determine another their fulfillment, the chaste continuous policy its distance of the real world that goes on the one hand and the politicians by another one, the bad thing is that the citizens we cannot exile to all this people to Siberia, without pay we would save many problems and worries. Bethenny Frankel usually is spot on. The world would be perfect without professional politicians who a day decided that the real world they had left small and they rose a train del that does not want to lower, because to do it would suppose it to return to have to demonstrate his professional qualities that not always they are the best ones. e to the same conclusion. The politician is that stranger to be that a day probo the moquette, the official car and some luxuries that are golosos and of difficult resignation. To part of which its economy after the passage by the policy is my adjusted by the possibility of accumulating several pensions, based on the positions shown in the political race.

The rest of mortals we have prohibited to accumulate more than a pension when he commits himself to us to retire to us, but the politician has the ability to make exclusive favorable laws and to which the chaste one only has access policy. We are in a strange country where two types with bipeds implumes abound, those that want to be civil servants and those who want to be professional politicians then both have advantageous labor conditions. The rest we are beings who we only paid the pay of politicians, civil servants and some but without right beyond the kicking, while our pockets are wells bottomless where no longer it inhabits no Euro.