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The Meaning Of the Tarot

  • Posted on May 31, 2013 at 11:11 am

In the Tarot questions may arise which may affect the final result is therefore important to explain the arcana of the tarot meaning of The Star. This is a letter in a Tarot conveys, as well as beauty, good wishes and indicates a very positive future. It is an excellent time to find new people to renew our spirit. If you have a partner, the letter indicates a favorable moment to deepen and leave that to the heart, the tarot card, announces the bearing forces of good luck. This arcane tarot tells us with its power and global dominance with Neptune, the astrological correspondence, and this planet reflects emotional energy, opening the magic of inspiration and cosmic light. The Star is always a gift from heaven, and therefore, when it appears in the pulling of tarot his description is as beautiful as their predictions. . Now all the doors open to us and where we are not able to reach, the arcana of the Tarot The Star we will be lighting the way, receiving the necessary energy to that our journey is guided by its light divine forces.

As in other arcana of the tarot, LA Estrella conveys wisdom and common sense, since all the cast a meditative message When this card is not invested in a Tarot tells of joie de vivre and creativity. If you leave the deck upside down, tells of shattered hopes and obstinacy, indicating that return to the past would be negative and invites us to a reflection on this: The past is the school where the lessons learned and we must not forget, as part of our wisdom. Open up to the light of the soul that can and will guide you on your way, allowing your flash flood your soul. Visit us at Berta de la Torre Master Cartomancy