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Program Health

  • Posted on December 17, 2020 at 10:35 am

The article will go to approach a study on the functioning of the PACS and the PSFs in the city of Canarana, city of the interior of the Mato Grosso. Knowing that problematic ones in the PSFs exist some. Having as objective to reflect on the importance of the PSFs for the health of the population. The article if makes necessary to understand as it is of extreme importance the public administration in the four PSFs of the city and how much this intervenes for its good functioning. In such a way we will go to argue the actions of the teams of the Program of Health of Family – PSF in our city being pointed the principles that conduct and normatizam the public service in the health. For in such a way we will use bibliographical research of sources of the Internet and will observe the functioning of the PSFs, in order to analyze and to understand the health programs current.

The bibliographical survey was carried through in primary and secondary sources. Being thus, if it makes necessary to appraise the programs and objectives that guide the PSFs in such a way how much PACS. 2. Program of Communitarian Agents of Sade (PACS) and Programs of Health of the Family (PSFs) Already it makes some years that the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) of the attention for the medical attendance for the families: Since 1963 the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) demonstrates the importance of the medical attendance to the families, mainly most devoid … In Brazil the incorporation of the familiar dimension in the programs of public health occurred for 1990 return. The great landmark in this direction was the implantation of the Program Health of Famlia (PSF) for the Health department and responsibility of the cities, but support of the state secretariats of Health (RASP et al., 2008).

UAB Layer

  • Posted on December 15, 2020 at 3:41 pm

– A solid, well-accumulating heat of the wall (eg brick) as a result turns out to be a zone of low temperatures, which drastically reduces the thermal inertia of the cladding, which greatly affects the indoor climate. Thus, the insulation on the inside you can only go where it is impossible to do it outside or when it is economically feasible. 2) Systems with a heater inside the building envelope (kolodtsevaya masonry) Kolodtsevaya masonry are three-layer structure – thickness of the first layer (interior load-bearing wall) determined only by the strength requirements, the thickness of insulation layer is dictated by the thermophysical requirements, the appointment of the third (personal) layer – to protect the insulation from external influences. The inner layer can be made of bricks or blocks (concrete, cinder block, expanded clay concrete, gypsum concrete, silicate, etc.). For the surface layer can be used bricks or ceramic stone facial, selected standard bricks, silicate bricks (the lining silicate brick plinth, belt, parapets and eaves are made of ceramic bricks) and the concrete face bricks. David Bowie gathered all the information. For the outer layer of concrete can also be used and lightweight aggregate blocks with stucco.

Design three-layer wall with an arrangement of insulation within the walls are used quite often. This is a fairly inexpensive method of building envelope design with a number of obvious advantages: a relatively small thickness (respectively, weight), high thermal efficiency, fire resistance. Erection of walls with a decorative and protective layer of brickwork provides application insulation layer of expanded polystyrene slabs PSB-S grade 15, 25, GOST 15588-86 *. Constructive solutions to meet the requirements of I, II and III degrees of fire resistance class of the building and structural fire hazards of CO (at device, the protective layer of bricks) are presented in "Materials for the design and working drawings," UAB "Mosstroy-31", coordinated and approved by the JSC "TsNIIPromzdany" in the manner prescribed by law.

Local Area Digital Network For Transfering Images

  • Posted on December 15, 2020 at 9:48 am

The network viewing station rebuilt all images based on the reference image and the data contained in different B and P-frame. MPEG includes parameters such as prediction of motion in a scene and identifying objects. Among the standards that make up this family are MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Martin O’Malley. (2). High definition is the best changes has been provided in the history of the transmission of moving images. The image capture and display, mixed with encryption techniques and digital transmission, images provided a resolution four times better than standard television. The latter is based on a screen that contains 450.

Approximately 000 pixels, shown at 25 or 30 frames per second. High definition may take up to 2 million pixels seen at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second or 1 million views at 50 or 60 frames per second. DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEM Televisio N “N EN LA UCI Today in the ICU is operating a closed-system cable TV that reaches every recipient of the University. In addition, it offers the service of Inter-us, which publishes teleclass, series, movies. This service is supported on the data network and plays an important role in the development of university life and teaching of the ICU.

The network data available to the University is quite fast, taking into account the large number of users and services it supports, although they are working on making it more efficient. There is fiber optic backbone throughout the primary, also between floors of buildings and in the case of the residence used fiber from the node level 2 through step ladder. Inside the premises is generally used UTP cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair English). It is a LAN (Local Area Network) defined by interconnection of several computers and peripherals. Its wider application is the interconnection of personal computers and workstations in offices, classrooms, etc. There is a central node that manages the other sub-nodes by dividing the principal component subnets, and these in turn in other less complex forming a star topology. These subnets are: area of residence, area of Teaching, IP, Old Rectory and Laboratories. The television system of the ICU was designed for 500 receiver in 2008 Graduated from the University of Information Sciences in Havana, Cuba.

Mexican State

  • Posted on December 11, 2020 at 6:56 am

Fiscally this model of wealth management has affected an inefficient collection system, to solve the economic requirements of the civil service in a sustainable manner. We have historically used borrowing and oil revenues, as the magical source of resources for exempt from the payment of taxes to the privileged and exempt from the same to the deprived masses. Finally politically sustain, at a high cost, a pseudo democracy where offers a menu of matches (the ones that we never believed), to choose to the different levels of power, whose mission will be again grant wealth and well-being for free for a few and subsistence for the majority. In all this there is a forgotten minority. A minority that works, that it is producing wealth and that pays taxes (increasing to, unsuccessfully, to compensate troop not the privileged to have wealth and power or by having the power that gives the most is being shaped).

This minority is expected that you inter alia: pay the indebtedness, the resources to overcome the crisis, which compensate for the decrease in oil revenues and until you pay an additional tax to buy vaccines. We have a long experience in this type of solution, the result of all this know it very well; It is none other than discouraging that works so inducing or forcing him to join the rich and powerful minority (unlikely option within the law), or to join the bulk of the dispossessed population. Break the inertia in a credible way, sustainable and socially valid, requires open access to the population to the formation of wealth, for which it is necessary to redefine the legal framework of the Mexican State. It is not enough to improve the legal framework, since an error of principle; cannot be improved We must consider that we want to get and pay the social cost to achieve this (not just the political cost) as I raise lately. The cost to be paid affects the current beneficiaries; the commitments embodied in the legislation enabling preserves power and wealth and should be delete in I demerit of the enrichment of the country as harmonious and stimulating the majority effort to learn, prepare, research and produce richness. Hear who propose sweat and tears to achieve a valid objective and not expect that reality imposes us, at the end of the magic solutions, blood and tears for not having the possibility of options for a dignified and productive life.


  • Posted on December 10, 2020 at 6:02 pm

A few days ago, just after an activity of relaxation and visualization being done with a group of fellow teachers, one of them approached me with sadness and told me of his inability to get the things that had been proposed in life despite the fact that he was a person of good, a believer and good human being. I could not give you an answer at that moment but I started thinking that not too long ago I was in the same situation and that as much as he wanted to, things they didn’t like I wanted. The big question is: if it was the same person I am now, why today things come so naturally and what they had dreamed of flows towards my without difficulty? I think that the answer I found it also in a natural way. Learn more on the subject from Michael Chabon. Everything you want in life always will flow towards you, but in many cases does not come because he found the doors closed. It is as if before the door of your House was a Messenger with a thousand dollar check for you but you do not open you by that have closed the door with safe and non you find the keys since your House is in disarray. The courier can not wait any longer and leaves. (Similarly see: Martin O’Malley). In order to find the keys you need to organize your home, give harmony to make things work properly.

Everything you ever wanted is at your door, the only thing you have to do is open it, but to open it you have to put an end to your internal conflicts and fill yourself with much peace and harmony, otherwise, even if you plan and propose it, things will not go as you wish. Today I realized that the reason why my dreams slowly becoming reality is because I have found my true harmony, which leads to feel a deep inner peace. JAIRO GUERRERO R.

Government Program

  • Posted on December 9, 2020 at 9:33 am

In its program of government, the health is understood as a basic right and has the commitment in guaranteeing the universal access, equnime and integral to the actions and services of health. (BRAVE, 40,2009) We can say that health is one public politics that disponibiliza action and procedures to be executed, with activities regulated for the government and attributed to the welfare of the civil society. Some programs are available in the public net of health, however many people are unaware of the services and programs, however due to information, however for difficulty of access the public net of health. these agravos come if it is revealed..