Make Photographs

  • Posted on December 24, 2014 at 7:21 am

Summer is a time very predisposed to leave us beautiful rays during their intense storms, though in reality you can photograph them throughout the year. If ever you have wondered how artistic of these weather events can be photos, today is your lucky day because let’s review some recommendations. John Mclaughlin is open to suggestions. But before that we must tell you that photographing lightning is a complicated task. Rather, very complicated. Shall surely bring approves your patience and it is difficult that you can take advantage of a good number of photos: * using tripod. It is indispensable.

Pointing it where you think that there will be lightning. Logically, you’ll use a wide-angle lens. * It is best that you’re covered, you don’t want to take a disappointment marring a camera for a few photos. * Use the lowest ISO value. ** The closed diaphragm. You can start experimenting with f/10. ** The key is testing different (art photography) that depend on the amount of light that you have at the time of the storm.

If it is daytime, need times of rather short, few seconds exposure (it is even possible that you need a neutral density filter). If it is night you will need a longer exposure time, begins testing with 15 seconds and view rectifying. * Ideally use a remote shutter release to reduce the vibrations of the camera in while squeezing the trigger button (technical artistic photography). And if you can use the bulb, better than mode better, so simply you must leave tighten when the Lightning has occurred (and more closes the diaphragm). As you’ve seen, there to shoot randomly and to wait for luck that Lightning will occur while we do photography. Why would you recommend I also use possible longer exposure time, as well as the tightly closed diaphragm.But by what you most want, don’t forget to take precautions: don’t you too close to the storm, no hagas photos artistic from large open areas or near tall trees, poles or metal structures.

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