Arnulfo Cardona

  • Posted on December 15, 2014 at 6:52 pm

4. It is desirable to have more than one account mail, from different vendors for several reasons. One of them is to have several alternatives in case that fails any of the pages that offer us the service. If so, we can go to our He has an alternative in the event we have urgent need to send a message. 5. If working or studying, and you have an institutional email used only for employment or academic affairs. The companies make large investments in technology and the least that can ask us to change is the proper use of the same.

6 If you get used to subscribe to pages related to quotes or topics of interest, it would be very convenient to have an e-mail account solely for these purposes, because you are going to receive a lot of shipping will congest your Inbox soon. 7. On the internet there is nothing that resembles the privacy or confidentiality. Even if you have a key and protect in a supposed anonymity, it is always possible to know who and where sent. So it is best not to convey top-secret messages by this means. 8 Uses Indo-Aryan, or easy to remember user names and associated with your identity. Someone whose name is, for example, Arnulfo Cardona, would do well to make an account like this. 9.

We rule out user names that desdigan our seriousness and image. is a good example of that n usernames or they should be used. You imagine the reaction of the Manager of human resources of a company when it receives a request for employment from an account like this? 10. Don’t forget to close your mail page when you are finished working. Simply close the page do not need to click Exit or logout. This measure is useful even if we work on our own computer. Will prevent us headaches and will be a good measure to avoid that they steal the key and, with it, the account and all of its contents. Read and write. I wish I read much and make part of their menu of reading good books. And when read and write via e-mail to concentrate on what to say, but don’t forget that he writes, essentially, for people occupied and desiring to see only interesting things on the internet. Do not disappoint them for anything in the world. Read the first part of this Alejandro Rutto Martinez article is a prestigious speaker and writer italo-colombiano. Get in touch with him through his email and visit their website original author and source of the article

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