• Posted on September 15, 2016 at 11:33 am

Seated in one of the banks of the square of the school where he studied when, to my side, a man sat down: bearded, cabeludo, great and sad eyes, lean, bare-footed, said to low rouco. After some minutes more than, a little was come close me and said: ' ' Young! I also was young. Read additional details here: Michael Chabon. Well dress! Also already I was well dress Student! Also I was student. Glad! Also already I was ' ' it called that me to the attention. — ' ' I age young thus you am, walked dress well, studied in a college, was likeable and of flabby smile, admired for very.

I happy age. My friends and my family were became me to mine happy. But everything this acabou' '. Then it counted its sad history to me: My father vendeu the house where we liveed. We had a truck-trunk, that he served for transport of merchandises, my father we were the proper driver. We place everything in the truck, we say farewell ourselves to the friends, we cry very, therefore we would go to feel homesicknesses. We leave.

We went thinking as it would be the new house. All we were singing road to the rejection, since we had many kilometers to the front. It was a trip of three days. But the joy finished in the way it way: my father lost the direction of the truck and falls in a cliff. I was hurled through the door and what vi later were the truck blowing up and nothing I could make. When I woke up was in the bed of a hospital. It had been two days in eats. They had said me at that moment, after to ask for my parents, who were well, but was certain that it was not truth, therefore I I had seen what I had happened, had certainty that almost they had not escaped and unhappyly he was what really had happened. I entered in depression. I went crazy. I passed some months in a psychiatric hospital. When being of high, it leaves for the streets: without father, mother, house, clothes, friend? That man looked at for me when vi the last tears to roll in its face. He gave one to me I hug, he arose themselves and he was walking walking and he disappeared enters the trees of the square. I do not know of where it came and for where it went. Nor its name I know to say.

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