Would Like To Fly A Modern Airbus?

  • Posted on September 30, 2017 at 3:27 am

Unusual events with A 320 Flight Simulator. In Berlin, there is a welcome event location, which offers an exciting change of pace since June 2009. Why? The company JetSim allows anyone with or without feeling to experience knowledge of a modern airliner pilot to be from 30 minutes up to a full day. Individuals, groups and companies can book at JetSim. The individual A 320 will experience during a personal conversation regarding duration, content and services (such as catering) targeted to own ambition, knowledge thereby tuned wishes. For events lasting several hours lectures and practical experience offered alternately in the Simulator. Our goal is to explain the world of simulation and aviation precision.

Be offered in the following topics: the functioning of the pilots, Fundamentals of engineering/physics, the systems of A 320 and their operation. The focus, however, is focused on the fun and flying in the cockpit. On request, it is possible to a competition and prize for the first placements to implement. Quickly lost the feeling to sit in a simulator, if you experienced the stunningly real cockpit atmosphere, together with all-round and realistically leaves the ground with equivalent 30.000PS all systems are true to the original. The Interior equipment and instruments are authentically modeled after the real aircraft. All relevant flight systems of the Airbus A320 are appropriately implemented and fully functional. In addition, most of the parameters can (E.g.

time of day, weather, 24,000 airport worldwide and emergency situations) and as a result flight program, as well as flight time individually set and implemented. A prior inspection of the premises and the Simulator is also possible after contact. Consequently, there is a failed opportunity for corporate events of a special kind, E.g. for incentives, operation or Christmas celebrations. This represents a new and varied experience for entrepreneurs/companies, their customers, business partners and employees. More topics, in cooperation with qualified teachers and psychotherapists, seminars on fly tackle, are team building, communication and conflict management, including using the Simulator allow carry out professional guidance. It provides tools that can help to communicate effectively at work and to avoid possible consequential error. This reflects also the functioning of the pilot, which will be amended further formed to reflect on their actions. Should not come from Berlin, so it takes Jet SIM team like to care of the arrival / departure and accommodation. At a workshop planned stay an interesting Berlin program for all participants is compiled on demand in addition to round off the visit. For a no-obligation consultation the company is like by telephone or via the mail available.

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