Venetian Room

  • Posted on February 19, 2021 at 8:48 am

Today blinds are used not only for their direct functionality, but also as an element of decor. You can put them in a modern "furnished" room, and in the room, sustained by their design in classic, one might even say old style. The world knows two types of blinds – horizontal and vertical. In addition, there are special shades, which in their functionality similar to Venetian blinds: roll-up blinds, curtains, Japanese, Roman blinds and so on. With these blinds, drawing room will always be easier. Consider the horizontal blinds.

They may be of RAAS material, such as aluminum, wood, plastic, bamboo. Some of the most practical are just aluminum. Their peculiarity is that they are quite compact and can even set between window frames. Just a couple of years ago, horizontal blinds were associated with offices. And indeed, they inspire slightly formal setting.

But in our modern time, large range, and mass data shades blinds you can use them in almost any environment. For owners of plastic windows, There are special aluminum blinds – Isolite. The advantage of these shutters is that they are close to the glass, thus not taking up too much space. The only disadvantage of this control panels, which is implemented or just to open or to close. Another popular type of blinds that mezhramnye aluminum blinds that are mounted between the glass panes. One of the advantages of these blinds is that the blinds do not get dirty, they do not dust settles, respectively, taking care of the minimum. Mechanisms to control the webs through the frame are ejected. Horizontal wooden blinds are distinguished by the fact that they are made from environmentally friendly materials, and, moreover, a very noble appearance. Typically, they are hanged at home: in the living room, study, kitchen. But the fine bamboo blinds are suitable for decoration in oriental style. They are light and functional, and that no little importance, can create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

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