The Food

  • Posted on November 26, 2015 at 6:56 am

Food has increased in cost due to: 1 – Increasing global demand and 2 – increased transport costs caused by high fuel costs. Well, as we saw a moment ago, lowering fuel prices the price of these products fall in the same proportion, so while some say the time has come forced diet … the projections say the opposite, that if and as with everything we eat must be done in moderation. Perhaps the biggest problem that will throw the global unemployment crisis mainly affecting the employees of large corporations, SME sectors have the great opportunity of their lives, because the high costs of production and maintenance of their labor giant competitors will decrease the supply of its products, so it’s time to start to compete with quality with affordability by reducing the positioning of the brands. Moreover, for those who arrived to lose his job, all is not lost, the world economy will recover after overcoming the crisis, so in the medium term all back to normal.

Of course, if you decide to return to their companies, I say this because it is the perfect opportunity to start their own businesses, the reasons … 1 – The economic slowdown will lead banks to lower their lending interest rates, so if you need capital, we get a low interest. 2 – As the import of manufactured goods is declining be shortages of some products, if you have a good eye, the new employer may recognize which way to go to meet market demands and begin to position your own company creating jobs and helping progressively normalize the economic pace..

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