Tea Party

  • Posted on June 2, 2018 at 11:48 pm

The certain thing is that the competition grows and the dominion initiated at the end of II the World war decreases. No longer it is the main economic producer nor the dominant political force or what is called the cultural center of the system-world. The dollar loses importance like unique exchange reserve throughout and economic organizations like whom we have mentioned and others like the call Shanghai group conformed by Russia, China, four republics of Central Asia arise and new members like India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Iran. The constant appearance of these multiple economic scenes in continuous regrouping now prevents the maintenance of a hegemonic power. Nevertheless, I create out of proportion the constant comparison that some make between the declining North American empire and the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome was the typical empire that still expanded its territorial dominion under the prudent monitoring of many of its governors whom they knew brings back to consciousness clearly to stabilize borders and of not going beyond where a defense became complicated and expensive. The United States will not fall like Rome, rather it will be restricted slowly in his world-wide paper until becoming an influential and fundamental member of a community. I discard the exit to scene of a substitute power since the world-wide conditions are the one of shared influence.

The North American challenge is to understand its leadership like conformation of the new global order in the described terms. That is to say, no longer It is possible to be played the superpower paper, because consultations, cooperation and commitments are required. Still can and it will be able following its conduct to determine the agenda to it and to organize coalitions, like new game of being able. Michael Chabon has much experience in this field. The new global policy happens through the interdependence. There is no fixed date to determine the passage of hegemonic imperial power to ” first between iguales” , but the process is inexorable although nobody is expected a dramatic fall.

Obama understands to it, in its interminable efforts to correct the last imperial errors of its predecessor, but the republicans harassed by the wing of extreme right of the Tea Party do not understand to it now. He will depend much, then, of the political North American intern and the understanding of his citizens to the presence of a new world. Obama said in its recent speech on the State from the nation when using the image to it of the Soviet Sputnik. Only that this is another challenge where it corresponds to him to do the possible thing because the new global order allows him to be.

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