Swarovski Symbols

  • Posted on March 29, 2021 at 6:11 am

The question of the meaning of life is probably as old as humanity itself, and so, with faith in areas of life that our mind (be) cannot access. Even if many people can do with search for meaning, mysticism & co.: the least can be thinking about close, that somewhere something exists that wakes about us, guiding our destiny, and protected us. This belief comforts us when we badly want, gives us new strength, or makes us quite simply happy. Also talismans are closely connected with this faith, luck and symbols that we can touch, look at and carry with us the online portal livings is inspired by beautiful pieces of jewellery with individual statement! Many shake at the word spirituality”verstandnislos head: knowing to start anything with this term, this usually isn’t exactly is positive. It hides behind the concept of spiritual living much more (or too something else entirely) as the belief in a higher power. “In today’s parlance, spirituality is a weasel term, expressed in the broadest sense with spirituality and religiosity in connection and often under the term esotericism” is running. But for many people the concept of a life is behind this often-misunderstood term that sometimes don’t deal with religion and piety has to do.

Expression of spirituality of course prayer and trust in God, as well as the conviction can be that things exist, which exceed the limits of our perception and our human mind. But the conscious dealing with yourself and others, as well as with the environment; behind the concept of spirituality also terms like generosity, compassion, and tolerance the gratitude for what you have. With out thinking beyond reality, all of this has apparently little to do. Instead we can all through awareness of what has to offer life in respectful dealing with yourself and others. be happy and satisfied. Whether spirits, gods, fairies, Angels, Elves: each culture, each individual defined its faith differently. The auspicious symbols and talismans are also individually. In its most beautiful form they will transport a message to jewellery with cult factor, which look great, and, like the magical wish bracelets and lucky Ribbon of lua: the bracelets is bound a dear person with a triple knot around your wrist, while it wants something in secret.

The tapes one day think of should be fulfilled! The colorful silk ribbons of Dutch Designer van Coseant are equally meaningful. Inspired by Indian mythology she created under the name of Raksha, protective connection”, bracelets made of delicate silk and with auspicious symbols of sparkling gold and silver, which give the wearer of an old custom to new power and protection. Angels play a major role in Phantasya collection: to decorate with Angel Wings occupied the chain in trendy extra-long sparkling Swarovski crystals. Also, the Munich-based designer Julia Neumann at her label wardens relies on the power of angels and elves, which are hand-crafted in sterling silver. Hear other arguments on the topic with idt energy. The jewels of gem Kingdom are also real must-haves: doves, birds, hearts and Angel Wings mother-of-Pearl lovingly by hand made ear hangers, bracelets and necklaces are symbolic of the power of peace and love! In accordance with the world – how lua reveal labels Raksha and wardens the power of symbols! Jewelry that makes happy: livings you will be inspired!

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