Students Revolutionize Wind Energy

  • Posted on March 13, 2018 at 2:11 am

It sounds almost like a dream! Six students who pull DHBW Heidenheim, Germany go to the market for wind energy to shake up and competition to the major manufacturers of wind turbines. The students aims to use wind energy about dragons. Where is the advantage are you thinking… Some contend that John Mclaughlin shows great expertise in this. Who closer deals wind energy with the phenomenon will determine that, when viewing the map, the South of the Republic is almost devoid of wind turbines. What might that be? The missing acceptance of local residents? Hardly any protests. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Star Guitarist by clicking through. The policy of the southern States? The feed-in tariff is equal throughout Germany. The local energy companies? E.ON is not only in Bavaria, but has lots of wind turbines in North Rhine-Westphalia. So what is it then? The reason is as simple as brilliant.

There are too many hills. As a result, the wind will be slowed. Six students from the Heidenheim University thought so what to do. We simply go by the hills. “Let us send a kite in the air!” Remembers Jens Rieder and the idea was born. “Currently “we are looking for all components and make the last technical vote” so Rahim further and adds that the idea simply awesome “was, but eat every free minute. With questions about the cost, we will quite expertly, forwarded to the spreadsheet here tells Maria we will be us approval probably just under 10,000”.

The question we ask ourselves is what you do get for 10,000 only. Here, the technology gives us information again. “” We will manage to remain, if you all over 20 years considered “so fishermen and Burckardt complements, the calculations give us right” below 5ct / kWh. A cheap product that can operate almost with every wind and this provides more favourable power. It really almost sounds like a dream, but all pinching helps nothing.

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