Strange Things – Group Exhibition C/o Infantellina Contemporary

  • Posted on January 9, 2021 at 10:18 am

Opening of group exhibition with 16 emerging Italian talent Infantellina contemporary, the first and only Berlin Gallery, which presents 100% Italian art, opens from June 24, 2009 to July 17 2009 the exhibition “strange things” with 16 emerging Italian talents. Vernissage starts at 6: 00. The artistic avant-garde designed the “strange” art at the beginning of the 20th century. Classic forms and aesthetic ideals, which had dominated for centuries, were thrown overboard. The artwork was extreme tests and in the course of time a factory of provocations, with the aim to shock the audience.

But the human mind absorbed quickly and become accustomed to. What seemed new and strange recently, is seen today as a matter of course, and already, if not even banal, classified. If the world will be even strange and the artwork mirrors this world, anything as normal appears suddenly again. Strange things are no more strange, but especially: it is the uniqueness of each, what about grasp at the same time as usually and especially can be. Beginning on 24th June 2009 to 17th July 2009, Infantellina contemporary, the first and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian art, will present the exhibition “strange things” by 16 emerging Italian talents. At the beginning of the 20th century the artistic avant garde ushered the strange art. Classic forms and the fifties-long dominating aesthetic the TIC ideals were forgotten and the artwork became a playground for extreme experimentation. Passing by it what time turned into a factory of provocations aiming to shock the observer.

But the human mind absorbs nearly and gets used to almost everything. And what what is new and strange then, today is taken for granted or already Lakes when not even banal. If the world itself becomes strange, and the artwork mirrors it, suddenly everything is normal again. Strange things are not strange any more, but peculiar: ItLs the uniqueness of everyone that makes everything common and different at the same time. Opening starts at 6 pm Dal 24 giugno al 17 luglio Infantellina contemporary, arte italiana la prima unica galleria berlinese a presentare 100% contemporanea, inaugura l’esposizione collettiva “strange things”, con 16 Thomas emergenti. Le avanguardie storiche hanno inaugurato all ‘alba del XX secolo l’ arte non convenzionale. Abbandonate le forme classiche gli ideali estetici dominanti da secoli, l ‘Opera d’ arte ediventata terreno di sperimentazione all’estrema nel tempo che si etrasformato in una fabbrica di provocazioni atte a stupire lo spettatore ed innalzare l’artista Verita ad artefice di nuove: un eroe. Ma la mente umana assorbe tutto si abitua a: quello che fino a poco tempo fa era nuovo ed incontaminato, eoggi, se non trivial, per lo meno scontato o dejavu. Se il mondo stesso ebizzarro l ‘Opera d’ arte rispecchia, ecco che tutto sembra improvvisamente normal lo. Destrutturare le realtae focalizzare nuove prospettive el ‘ aspirazione ed il fine di ogni artista. Il vernissage inizia all ore 18 INFANTELLINA CONTEMPORARY pigeon Street 20 22 (on the Gendarmenmarkt) 10117 for all collectors loving italian contemporary and emerging art. Infantellina contemporary I-C is the first and only Berlin Gallery which presents 100% Italian contemporary art. With Infantellina contemporary, the first gallery of Italian contemporary art in Berlin opened in October 2008. At first glance, the double floor revealed a lavish celebration of pop, at second glance under the usually colour intense and sensual esthetic surfaces.

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