Soviet Union

  • Posted on February 22, 2021 at 4:56 pm

For over fifty years in the former Soviet Union are celebrating the Day of the builder, but the man started to build from its inception. Yes, and everyone living on Earth, "a little builder." Builders – it's workers and romance. That's why gifts to them should be interesting, original and memorable. What not to give? Do not give trinkets in the form of roulette, and, moreover, trowel or roller. And remember, most builders work extremely nervous. Projects calculations, alignment, all you need to consider, anticipate, calculate, excavate, pave, hold, deliver – and to meet the deadline! And if the equipment broke down, workers have brought, or some other force majeure befall, then … who cares? The plan is a plan, and it needs to be done.

That's why representatives of the famous "tribe" so builders appreciate the peace and comfort of home. Give her a romantic dinner in a restaurant or a builder of homes (Assuming, of course, that you do this at home cook dinner and then wash the dishes:) If the builder – the lady can give her aniseed liqueur … Put in a glass of two grains of coffee, pour a drink and set fire to it. Now it's time to say congratulations. Just do not tighten too much of my speech, and that liquor can all evaporate. As a contract, you will extinguish the flame and drink … safely! Do not hesitate, so congratulations to remember. And you can buy tequila, and the two get acquainted with the method of consumption of the drink (you'll need salt and lemon). Or cook a classic cocktail "Margarita" from the lime juice and orange liqueur Cointreau (Cointreau).

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