South Tyrol

  • Posted on August 9, 2016 at 11:49 am

The party system of in Austria has, however, the traditional set-up at national level in Italy, which consisted in the early 1990s until the system breaks, with its contrast between political Christianity (Catholicism), middle-class and working-class/Marxism. South Tyrol’s party system proved to be more stable compared to the national party system. The left / right divide or the opposition center-left and center-right camp is missing in South Tyrol in the party system of the German-speaking majority.i no social democratic party exists in the German-speaking population group in South Tyrol. Novelist: the source for more info. Instead, serious competition grew in the last twenty years by the separatist parties. “The liberal” and the South Tyrolean freedom “oppose the moderate constructive course of autonomy the SVP and have chances, the SVP far from an absolute majority to remove. Also a separatist majority German-speaking side cannot be ruled out if not for this election, then perspective 2017. 3.

prospects of the formation of the Government if the separatist parties achieve a major electoral success, will be after October 27 may not form a Government, because the previous two coalitions model numerically retires from SVP and qua Statute of autonomy, Italian coalition partner. Currently, it is still hard to imagine that, for example, Popolo della Libertaund Freedom Party in a coalition under the leadership of the designated Durnwalder successor Kompatscher work constructively together. Predictably, it is alone, that the SVP will again strongest party, even though she moves away yet another piece of the former absolute majority. The SVP as a party to the South Tyrol ‘ is victim of its own success: only the internationalisation of the conflict and the wells of autonomy have enabled today’s separatism of the minority. Without the achieved margins, these could be Players not so freely, that an agitation against the allegiance to Italy as far as remains going unchallenged. The Italian Government is here, demonstratively disinterested: compared to actions that are from a Roman perspective as provocations, kept in the great tranquillity, has.

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