Positive Thinking Alone Is Not Useful…

  • Posted on March 2, 2021 at 4:56 am

… positive manifesting very however, Heidelberg. Thoughts control our reality, our experience and many well-known writers and scientists have given us evidence, that is better for us if we’d be thinking positively. In the recent past, movies and books about positive thinking and manifesting on the bestseller lists of mirrors, focus and stern are permanent guests. What that means in reverse? When alone in Germany millions of books on manifesting, about creating success with own thoughts are sold, sold millions of DVDs and be seen, yet but dissatisfied with their situation, where they now reside, are most people, does this mean that these books contain incorrect information? Scientists of quantum physics in scientific experiments quite amazing things about our thoughts noticed we take out, for example, the placebo effect: this, it has been proven that the doctor does not know a placebo of and it the patients in the firm conviction that this is a drug with a tested active ingredient, is significantly more effective and exciting erweise evokes the range of side effects, although yes no active ingredient in the Tablet indicates. At this point we must ask ourselves, what was passed the patient by his doctor? A piece of information, and this information can be either quick and easy healthy patients, because he is convinced that this doctor is familiar with this matter and has written on the right medicines and cures him or the patient doubting diagnosis, because this medication can help him and he also no side effects will feel, because he is not sure, that it helps the medicine. If so we know that it is enough to take pills without the active ingredient, if we are convinced that this pill would make us healthier as before, then the legitimate question is why after reading books on positive thinking, of films, from dealing with these Dealing with phenomena, not half Germany laughing runs through the area and manifesting everything in their life, what they want in their lives? The answer this question is just as painful as the response to the placebo: successfully to move things in his own life, from his own life to transform a hamster wheel in a flowering paradise not only, it is necessary to think positively, we must also behave and must feel like and now comes the big hook, the most people not on the series get this condition of positive feeling, the pleasant is tuning up in response to bring something pleasant, must be maintained constant over several days, then and only then considering definitely and perfectly safe things in his life, wants to have in his life and the fact that it no longer on the negative sides focus, will occur gradually less and less negative effects in the life. .

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