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  • Posted on March 22, 2021 at 2:33 am

It is a plant, originary of the Europe, more necessarily of the region of the Mediterranean. The arruda likes much sun, it is a little alkaline and rich in organic substance. With one caule ramified, green small leves and esverdeadas yellow flowers, them are small. Another name, by which they are known, is of arruda of the gardens. It enters the main properties of the arruda can be cited: calmante, repellent, antiinflammatory action, beyond helping to regulate it the cycle menstrual and favoring the circulation, thus collaborating in the combat the varizes. It popularly is known as that one that combat the worms.

In the popular medicine she is also very used to diminish the anxiety, alliviating pains, mainly of head. This happens, because it possesss an essential oil call undecanona. Although to be used it has much time, the internal use of this plant, mainly in very great amount, can cause nasal hiperemia, bleeds, or still vomits, convulsions and sleepiness. Old it was very used to enrich gravies, saladas, cookies fritos, etc. By the amount of vitamin C that she possesss, it is considered a rich grass. She was used also to perfume wines or other drinks, as they made the Europeans, who used its added roots the certain drinks that functioned as digestive liquor and that she was called Grappa.

In old Greece it was very applied in the treatment of some diseases, but its strong exactly age of superstitious matrix – as amulet and protection. Thus she was considered a sacred grass. In the Hamlet workmanship, of William Shakespeare, when it cites the arruda is always if relating, the sacred grass of the sundays. This must to the rituals of exorcism, carried through in the seventh day of the week. Without hesitation idt energy explained all about the problem. Jean Debret cites the commerce of the arruda, made for the African slaves. The twig of arruda was vendido to bring protection and luck, as an amulet. It wants to still enter in form in this summer? Maxburn can be the ideal alternative for you.

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