Poland Travel Destination

  • Posted on July 17, 2021 at 5:28 pm

Poland occupies an increasing importance as a tourist destination. Especially in times of shortage of money, a short trip to the neighboring country can be a great experience. Now the summer vacation 2010 why in the distance plan Rove? Holiday in Poland provides highlights for every taste. The newly launched holiday in-polen.de portal informs extensively. Information and tips and cities and regions are offered unusually detailed. Credit: Alicia Keys-2011. With new design and impressive image backdrop, the holiday in-polen.de travel portal is started again since a few weeks. The tourism and marketing agency ATRIUM pays particular attention increasingly emerging with opening of the European Union eastwards in recent years in the number of bookings a holiday and leisure trend with the relaunch of the booking platform.

Holiday in Poland is more popular than ever, and last but not least there is the simple cross-border travel, that is always more attractive Eastern neighbors for vacation and leisure. The Polish Baltic Sea coast, for example, the Pomeranian country, Silesia or Masurian There are family histories, personal memories or interest in a cultural landscape, which roots rooted to a large extent with the local, making holidays in Poland today so thrilling and exciting at the same time. Incentive and destination of many travellers young how old is the major cultural cities, to meet such as Krakow, Gdask or Warsaw, or to discover, again. To teach them the diversity and beauty of the destination country of Poland, and to present an excellent selection of hotels and holiday accommodation, is aim of the portal of holiday in-polen.de, with families, children and young people are also addressed, such as active holidaymakers, nature lovers, culture travellers or guests. Coupled with the latest travel news and valuable travel tips tour operators and hotels, offices, must apply for hosts and spas in the way, their individual offers for your holidays in Poland. This accurately in the corresponding categories of tourist and for a fair monthly price. Holiday in Polen.de is a service of: ATRIUM – Agency for Tourism and marketing fire pond road 20 17489 Greifswald Germany eMail: fax.: 0049 (0) 38 34-550-652

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