Pirate Party Germany

  • Posted on January 11, 2018 at 8:56 pm

Press release – posted on January 04, 2010 the Pirate Party Germany rejects the planned introduction of the so-called naked scanner at German airports and refers to the criticisms of the system. You calls for improvements to the control staff instead to ensure greater security. The pirate in question are also the benefits of extensive storage of PNR data. After the devices first clear as mischief \”referred to were 1, wants the nude scanner Coalition nationwide introduce now in this year at German airports 2. The argument that the personality rights of the passengers are injured through their use, should be invalidated by a new generation of devices.

The often described and almost complete ineffectiveness of the scanner is ignored by the Government. The Pirate Party Germany sees no useful means to prevent terrorist attacks on aircraft in the body scanners. You mean only a very small increase in security. Instead, the devices violate the privacy and the privacy of passengers. A representation of the man as schematic silhouette or concealment of the Bikini area, as it will offer the next generation of devices, not change this.

Details such as a colostomy, a pacemaker or body jewelry are still visible. The religious rights of people who want to show themselves naked, are completely disregarded. Also, it is not satisfactorily settled whether a health risk from body scanners 3. The uselessness of the nude scanner shows among other things when considering the recent assassination attempt in the United States. The explosives used by the offender would not been recognized by the devices 4. The same applies to a variety of other potentially dangerous substances. The case also shows that most human decisions are the actual vulnerability. According to US media reports the offender without a valid passport on Board of the machine is arrives. Significant deficiencies in the activity of the security personnel can be found also on German airports.

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