• Posted on August 6, 2016 at 11:27 am

Formerly Glorioso Partido Liberal seems have been sick of gangrene. The process of putrefaction has been slow, painful and embarrassing. Both that resists not already take a look in the mirror and its smell does not hold. So much that he has preferred to hide, escape, spread, mimic and not give signs of wanting to encourage. To complete, glorious party is split. Some say that by half and others into as many pieces as Congressmen elected more candidates burned. Much of trends within it are chaotic. They do not respond to intellectual or ideological but short-term and mechanical stimuli.

The party is no longer, as I said Lleras Restrepo, this large coalition of nuances of left but several coalitions for coalitions, or what is the same, a soup of all. Serpa has done the impossible by directing it, cure it with their santandereana plasters, by suturing his wounds in the best way, to inject to force, the serum of social approaches, by treating its collective schizophrenia. Serpa knows that that gangrene may not heal it with mertiolate. He knows that they will be required several amputations and excellent postoperative treatment, mixed with intensive therapies to reactivate numb morality. He knows that the prodigious hand of only one doctor is not enough, but will be strictly necessary to the formation of a well endowed and interdisciplinary team where all the nuances are represented. In effect, to save the Party of its predictive death is due, first of all, achieve their union, by way of an ideological identification makes times abandoned.

The party must regain its programmatic North. Know where you want to go to the Colombian society of the 3rd millennium, part of who is, what is the economic model that reflects their feelings and thoughts, how conceives the justice, equity and the common good and, finally, what are the aspects which differentiate it from all other political proposals in the country. This cannot be achieved but by sitting with all its forces, with all its tendencies and all its sectors to discuss upon the referred to momentous affairs and a good number of them that becomes us impossible to trasncribir here, turning, obviously, by the pertaining to regions, provinces, departments and locations. No matter that several of those nuances are undesirable. Defined once the essentials already know everyone if we should stay or go. You know all the current leaders, old and new, if the Liberal community is the one with which match their longings or, simply were excluded from it by extraction of matter. What follows will almost follow. On aspects relating to the structure of the Organization, hierarchies, command lines, procedures for the selection of their candidates, the relationship with liberal rulers, participation in Governments of different parties, the electoral tactics and all the other minutiae, will be much easier to achieve consensus and establish rules of the game. We have already put us all in these tasks since the match match today, must be the only hope of the tomorrow.

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