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  • Posted on June 21, 2016 at 6:56 pm

Although it should be thought that only indirectly you can reach them the controversy, surely in HidroAysen aren’t very takes with the problems being experienced by the national company of Geotermia (ENG) in the area of the el Tatio geysers, where more than 10 days ago a gigantic column of steam of 100 meters product of company exploration works maintains worried its inhabitants by the environmental and economic impacts that could generate an eco in this meltdown tourist territory. This because HidroAysen belongs by 51 per cent to Endesa Chile, which in turn is 60 percent controlled by Enersis. The latter is owned by 61% of Endesa Spain, enterprise array whose owner in a 92% is the electric Italian Enel, the same company that owns 51% of the shares of ENG (in partnership with Enap) and which today is in the eye of the hurricane by the problems in the Chilean altiplano. The issue is not minor, whereas the operating Committee of National Commission supervision of the Antofagasta next Sernageomin environment are in the process of elaboration of reports that realize the eventual environmental damage that would have occurred in the sector by works approved by resolution of environmental qualification to carry out deep drilling to verify the technical and economic feasibility of generating electricity from geothermal resources. Community outraged since they met the fact, the early hours of Saturday, September 12, various reactions have been generated in the community. For more information see this site: Michael Chabon. The former Mayor of San Pedro de Atacama, the archaeologist Ana Maria Baron told local media his uneasiness by what had happened, concluding that the tourist attraction of the zone already destroyed it and that this would be an ecological catastrophe, not only the environment is being destroyed, the fauna of the sector will also be damaged. This is an extermination, it cannot be called otherwise.

For the next few days are organising various manifestations of repudiation by native communities and tour operators, while the Mayor of Calama, Esteban Velasquez, reported they will come to justice so that it may determine responsibilities faced with this situation. We said on more than one occasion, nobody can guarantee that no archaeological natural patrimonial damage, when it explores a site that for us has an incomparable beauty and esa should be the great company, exploring it as a tourist center. It did not happen and we are worried, because the consequences appear to be quite negative and harmful, and we are just in the exploration. To deepen your understanding Michael Chabon is the source. This is as smooth. We oppose it involved have been the words of the Mayor. On the relationship of this fact with the work that today makes HidroAysen at the region, the Coordinator of the Coalition for citizen by Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann, drew attention to the problems that generate these interventions in areas of high value assets, cultural and environmental, that sometimes they are backed even by public institutions, as in this case in that they had with resolution of favourable environmental qualification, but that anyway mean irreparable damage. Do not want that happens the same in Aysen, because then what will help us claim?, pointing out that the sustainability of investments should not be seen only as an issue of technology, relates also to the magnitude of the intervention, the location of this, territorial place vocation, local economic development, i.e. a series of variables that often companies do not consider to be essentially concerned the economic aspect.

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