• Posted on January 7, 2021 at 10:11 am

The people are in the condition of the gadareno, requesting to the MASTER of the Masters its release. She doubts this? She gives one looked in lathe and she will see that nobody is showing its true Identity. Multitude 1 Chama now! It will have somebody that takes care of to you? for which Dos Santos Angels you will turn over? 2 Because the anger of destroys it to the insane person, and the zeal of the fool the bush. 3 Good vi I wild it to launch roots; but soon I declared cursed its habitation. Book of J Prophet, CAP.

5:1 the 3. Multitude is my name: It ahead says the gadareno of the Nazareno The holy ghost. JESUS, the Incarnate Love, That sees all Being bred As divine flash, Changes sina it to it. Strap of its crmica debt Two a thousand demons For having fond the time Of its release With that multitude. JESUS did not revoke the Law that GOD created; It freed but it Because its hour was fond. Knowing the process That involved the possessed person; It recognized Through its clear vision That was free its Soul. He was then, That it took off of its miller Two a thousand demons: Diverse personalities That opened the openings Around its aura to torment it. That man Who broke fetter and chain; It was front to the front With Mr. of the Life That did not come to judge, But to free.

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