Mishka Mishka Bojarski

  • Posted on April 18, 2015 at 8:23 am

Warn people necessarily because we all have their own affairs and problems. Let the pre- will be ready! Only that’s not the limit of imagination:) If you live in a city where they live as popular or just famous people – tell a friend about this, but not to brag, but in order to find out the ratio of companion to some celebrity. And if you are lucky and a friend just crazy about your neighborhood with itself – you can safely escape in search of an autograph! Do everything possible to be photographed with the selected candidate for the “gift”! A photo on the back let this “self sign something like this:” Friend of and Vitalik (ie you) ardent greetings! “And let the flies letter yes to another on the porch:) If the exploits of You do not have neither the money nor the opportunity – be yourself in the works! Are you an artist – dedicate buddylist now, like knitting, sewing – make wool flower, or even socks! Do all that you know how! Write to whether an electronic or instrumental music, poetry, creating a site, the master of a toy – one would be delighted with your attention in any form! If your mutual interest is strong, we can make such a gift with which Internet-one learn more about you. For example, start shooting minifilma of my life! Remove all: the city where you live, work, college, friends! What to eat, like sleep, like taking a shower..

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