Mexican Internet Association

  • Posted on November 16, 2017 at 2:11 pm

The Mexican Internet Association (A.M.I.P.C.I.) was created with the purpose of consolidating the industry of internet in Mexico, protect investments in this sector as well as to promote adequate legislation. These among many other purposes. This association incorporates companies representing an influence in the development of the industry of Internet in Mexico. A.M.I.P.C.I. In conjunction with the Ministry of the economy, they have developed service seals of trust, as a support for electronic commerce and the handling of personal information on the Internet. Trust seals are used to promote the safety of Internet sites, as well as users, also established corporate guidelines, privacy policies to improve service to consumers.

Currently many Mexican sites have the seal of confidence and others are pending. To obtain the seal of confidence it is not necessary to belong to the Association, trust A.M.I.P.C.I. seals, they promote adherence and compliance to what was written in the documents of the codes of ethics of their association, Federal law of protection of personal data in the possession of private individuals. Articles 16, 17, 18 bis, 76 bis of the federal law on protection to the consumer, already mentioned above in this document, a framework on economic cooperation forum privacy Asia Pacific (A.P.E.C), as well as the Federal law of transparency and access to information public (I.F.A.I) and guidelines for the protection of personal data in case of governmental entities in addition to the applicable legislation for financial institutions. Electronic commerce is growing exponentially in Mexico and in the world, so that stakeholders and managers of e-commerce in our country as well as the rest of the world are in constant analysis to find ways to protect consumers from internet.

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