Improving Classes

  • Posted on September 4, 2017 at 11:11 am

First of all let me say that I had never thought of a scoring method. I simply tried to make my classes and do it the better. You do not know everything that I tried to prepare a good class, there were many books I read and abstracts pulled. Of course at first was much more difficult. Already after the material was always available because the material of the first year I served for the second and third. I at that time was very orderly. Jealously guarded all the papers and he could use it forever.

Never I came to losing a role. Finally, both use the leaves that had written in my classes, they changed color and began to break around the edges, but still remained siendome useful. But back to your question. You did not ask me how he prepared me to make the classes but how did the exams. I wanted to mention, yes, my efforts to make a good class for you to have an idea of my sacrifice and my devotion, but above all to understand why it was so demanding. How would not be tough on students when I worked so hard to give a good class? How was I to accept that after so much sacrifice on my part the students did not respond the same way? Was not fair chance that after all the interest that I put they were not able to give the lesson? Some brave students were able to respond to examination as was required.

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