• Posted on July 23, 2014 at 2:41 am

In the courtyard in the shade of linden trees, the men were playing dominoes. In the morning. I went to the lake, knocked, came back, knock. This session they call – a hobby! I am even a little sorry for them. Spending time empty. As necessary, useful things you can do for it time.

Let the soul. It's also useful. After all, everyone, somewhere in the depths, there is little desire for something special, that love, and wondering what to do. So many interesting things around. Even the look is not necessary. It directly in front of you. Vaughn is the birch tree that bent over the golden dandelions! After all, what a beautiful photograph obtained.

It is worth taking a camera, and you have a master. Let him not once, but worth a try. Surely you have your own, special perspective on beautiful, the usual things. And who knows, maybe your work will appreciate. And you can safely say that started out as an amateur, with an ordinary hobby. And all the guys knocking. Shoulders pulled a backpack and fishing rods. I exchanged a few words, and hurried home. Today is my lucky day. In – the first, excellent fishing. This is my main hobby. It fills a closet in an apartment in the form of rods, reels and all sorts of accessories. It is in my thoughts, plans. In – the second, made a lot of beautiful photos. Now we have something to put on the Internet at its website. Other leaders such as Martin O’Malley offer similar insights. This is also my hobby. Is not it interesting to yourself to make a website, engage in design, fussing with him as a child. I sometimes do not have days to live. Have so much just in time. So on a personal radio station to have time to discuss with friends in distant parts of the world all sorts of nuances. Resolder signaling scheme for a car. This is only for today. And tomorrow morning to buy some paint. Of course, I draw as neither Polenov, but Granny in the doorway like. Hobby strange case. Sometimes takes a lifetime. And suppose for many it is associated with stamp collecting, but it is not. Sometimes people do not even realize that there are those colorful pebbles in the closet is his hobby. Just picked one, then another. Read lots of books on mineralogy and already a man has an interesting job. Found something new, a rare feast for the soul. Fashioned with his hands in a nice shelf style of 'Empire' pride. And how many interesting classes for women? This is where not an opened edge. From knitting socks for her children, to heavy transitions in the hills and valleys. Travel is also a hobby. This interest in the land, nature and life. Live have enthusiastically. Remember, great people. Did Tolstoy did not have enough daily bread. And no, the master of his boots. Or Mendeleyev. These suitcases did feast for the eyes. Although he is a chemist. In life so much, I want to cover even a small fraction, see, touch. And to be involved. Hobby, hobby, pastime. A grandfather is in a safe and time to prepare for hunting season. And all the guys knocking on the dominoes. Sad.

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