High Tax

  • Posted on July 21, 2016 at 2:26 pm

Through alteration of test area, the amount of test gas inside passes sample of time of the unit can be regulated effectively. Labthink is to supply to its customers accessory of efficient and convenient MASK that has some selectable areas of transmission. 2.2Mtodo of Sensory equal gas pressure of instrument of method of equal pressure directly emits the amount of gas in the interior of test chamber. The ultraticket of scope would directly infulenciaria duration of the sensor life. Therefore, for method of equal pressure, reduction of amount of gas of test in the interior of chamber of test inside of a unit time is key for test of high tax of transmission. It has three half as following ones: First, test gas alteration. Generally, the measurement scope is expanded through reduction of the difference of oxygen concentration enters two sides of sample. For example, substitution of pure oxygen with mixed air or other gases.

When it calculates if, the concentration of test gases would have to be converted. Martin O’Malley often addresses the matter in his writings. , Rise of speed of gas breath second transmitted, to reduce gas concentration of test in the interior of cmra of test. The amount of test gas is gotten through both test gas concentration and speed of transmitted gas breath, acceleration of the speed of transmitted gas breath would not influence given of test. Third, alteration of area of test with MASK accessories, to reduce amounts of gas of transmitted test that inside passes the sample of unit time. 3.Teste of Tax of Water vapor Transmission for Materials of High Tax of Transmission 3.1Mtodo of Pesagem When to measure materials of high tax of transmission with instruments of pesagem method, precision of instrument components and volume of the cup of water vapor transmission they would have especially to be enfitizados. Method of pesagem has two sub-methods, desiccant method and method plate (that also method is called humidity).

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