Good And Bad Ways To Get Money Fast

  • Posted on February 13, 2017 at 7:02 pm

"I need money and fast." This is one of the most repeated phrases today as a result of increased mortgage and credit crisis. There are different ways to achieve this objective from the sale of assets to so-called easy credit. Each person and family choose the one that best suits your needs and especially their economic situation. However, options are more advantageous than others from a more objective viewpoint. In CNN Money has developed a list of 17 ways to get money fast and ranked from best to worst. Some are too focused on the U.S.

market and had to be adapted to the Spanish case. The first options are the most profitable from a financial point of view, while the latter may be harmful and the starting point for creating an insurmountable debt. Thus, the solutions are as follows: Go to your emergency fund, which is precisely for that. The worst thing is that after using it and there will be no financial cushion for any vicissitudes. Sell part of your investments not related to retirement. It is best to undo asset positions that have not been offering good performance.

That itself should be borne in mind that Treasury will have to pay their share of the profits. Ask for a gift to your parents. This possibility is not available to everyone (by age and resources). Anyway, should appear first on the list from a purely financial point of view, though perhaps not from a related moral pride.

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