German Students

  • Posted on March 8, 2018 at 4:33 pm

The private college promotes and demands the SRH University of logistics and economy Hamm Awards 2013 three Germany scholarships for the winter semester. Germany scholarship encourages students with above-average performance with 300,00 EUR per month until the end of the standard period of study. The grant is applied to a half by the Federal Government and the other half by a private donor, usually by a company. A further advantage: In addition to the financial support of fellow developed a strong bond to the founding company and therefore its future potential employers. By the same author: Martin O’Malley. The founding companies can choose based on the qualifications of the candidates the candidates who should receive the scholarship and this takes big share of a qualified selection.

Study beginners and beginners but also current students can apply College Hamm directly with the SRH; This also applies to students from abroad. If you are interested, you to us please send a motivation letter plus CV, by clicking her Interest in studies, on your proven achievements (school, youth research, etc.) and respond to your social engagement on: SRH School of logistics and management Hamm Andre Hellweg place the German unit 1 59065 Hamm Tel: 02381 / 9291124 is the 16.08.2013. criteria deadline: the first step is simple: you must be enrolled at the College, which writes out the scholarship. Author has much experience in this field. The scholarship program law dictates the other criteria for a promotion: for students: grade point average of the baccalaureate. Individual grades relevant also for the selected course or qualifications. Already matriculated students: Academic achievements, in particular ECTS points previously provided. For students in the master is also the final grade of the previous studies. Special potential of applicants, for example by: special achievements such as awards and a previous employment internships higher education policy, extracurricular, social, social, or political Commitment or participation in religious societies, associations or clubs special, personal or family circumstances, such as chronic diseases and disabilities, their own children’s education, especially as a single parent, care near relatives, participation in family mode, course-related activities or migrant background

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