Gender Discrimination

  • Posted on February 9, 2017 at 4:57 am

Before examining whether there is gender discrimination exists, it should define the concept. In 1954, Allport noted that women were considered a different species and generally inferior. These two notes make us to consider this position as a prejudice, negative and hostile attitude toward women. Subsequent investigations have warned that along with this negative attitude toward women, had positive connotations as evidenced by the study by Guttentag and Secard in 1983, which highlighted the dependence of man, although he was the dominant group, women to reproduction, parenting and sexual satisfaction. And this finding arise protective attitudes toward women as wives and mothers. It is a mixture of the two attitudes antagonistic, first hostile, and the other a protective attitude. In 1996, Glick and Fiske define the ambivalent sexism where both positions are closely related. And in 1998, Exposito, Moya and sexism Glick defined as follows: "Conceptually, any assessment in the affective dimension, cognitive and behavioral made of a person on the basis of biological sex category to which it belongs can be labeled as sexist, whether negative or positive, and whether it refers to men and women. " That is, both hostile and benevolent attitudes toward women are sexist attitudes, and likewise, if applied to human characteristics or behaviors because of their sex, are also sexist attitudes. Currently there are forms of discrimination at school, although most staff refuses to admit it, because gender stereotypes are so internalized, that do not support or cast doubt on the quantitative data from numerous research projects where confirms this statement.

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