Fear and Distrust is a Source of Change

  • Posted on June 10, 2013 at 9:32 pm

This fear and distrust of the supposedly different has also been a source of struggle. Racial differences have caused many wars. A simple change in skin pigmentation has served as an excuse to enslave, to fight and kill. Bitter quarrels over the centuries enslaving human “other” color. Race riots in recent years.

Humans are all equal but different color, I sometimes wonder how such intelligent beings can demonstrate such ignorance? Similarly, the differences of religion, political thought, any thought in the end. All worship the same God, they put different names, different forms of honor, and there are reasons to kill. But just as with any thoughts, how to enforce their ideals was to eliminate the defending others in different appearance, not realizing that most everyone to serve the same purpose, and the solution would be the dialogue and respect, not violence . Even something as simple as sports, designed initially for their leisure time, since the differences in sports fans have also been a source of conflict and death. Always looking for differences rather than fighting to understand that all human beings are equal. I’m thinking of heroes, ordinary human to undergo an extreme act with great courage, risking their lives unselfishly for others. Some of those brave men had the courage to face useless to me.

These champions were born throughout history and for different reasons. Humans idealize their heroes, they were infused hope and courage even in difficult times. Humans admire and learn from them in moments of need, especially in times of war.

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