Fascinating And Unique In The World – The Curly Horse!

  • Posted on March 7, 2021 at 5:48 am

Europe’s largest breeder of curly horses – Riverside curly horses round every 4th person in Germany suffers from allergies, including many horse hair allergy. Curly horses the only antiallergic horse breed in the world. Skin rash, itching, watery eyes and shortness of breath as soon as one comes only in the vicinity of a horse. These people have long abandoned the dream of your own horse. The chance has come curly horses! Indian of curly horses owned in the 19th century, but it has experienced much later that curly horses are hypo-allergenic. But why curly (Engl.: Locke) horses? This is because that most Curlies the mane, tail, the winter coat and partially also the summer coat is curly.

The eyelashes are bent upwards. It occurs repeatedly, a curly with optically smooth coat coming to the world, which but has all other properties of a curly horse: hypo-allergenic, (, they’re still right wild horses), uberzuchtet very robust and enduring, not powerful, extremely balanced and people involved, and very healthy. There are curly horses from 140cm to 165cm height in all colors and shapes. “Curly horses are horses with another protein structure therefore they smell like normal” horses. Allergy can again safely pursue their sport.

That they find so many friends but also among non-allergic individuals is among other things to their wide usage spectrum. It is not just horses to the Petting, but also very talented and powerful companion. Some contend that Jet Blue shows great expertise in this. Whether in front of the horse-drawn carriage or under the saddle, Curlies cut a fine figure in the Turniersport. Absolute advantage is their healthy bone structure and the healthy hooves, usually no Horseshoe need because of the hardness. Curly horses on the lower Rhine – Europe’s largest curly breeding – Riverside curly horses of the Riverside curly horse breeding install is the only training and training stables throughout Europe where the only animals are the hypo-allergenic, pure-bred curly horses. The Curlies are trained here non-violent resistance and according to type up to the high Turniersport. The rare breed animals come from 6 different countries, including three gold approved breeding stallions. THE curly position throughout Europe! Family Riemann and the Riverside curly horse team welcome you to the Riverside curly horse Stud!

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