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  • Posted on March 15, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Today’s world demands greater personal and professional competencies that make young people from school to seek out the regional context in which have always been immersed. This is not a cry of independence or much less. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ruchama King Feuerman. It is simply the youthful voice that wants to be in tune with the world. Studying in a city other than where you live is one of the strongest trends among the University population, since many assume this experience as the ability to interact with another culture, be independent and open its field of action in the future. However, this decision is related to economic, social and academic factors that determine the circumstances for a change of life, which not only depend on the own will but the family views and the new educational context to which you’re going to face. The first cause why the perform an Exchange to study decision is because the city itself is not the career you are looking for or there are universities with greater popularity that better support the title, says Manuela Escallon psychologist of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Experts warn that this decision should not be taken solely to seek autonomy, but it has to be subject to the professional projection which means share with new friends, teachers, and networks of people who are in the same places of origin. Therefore, the student to study exchanges depends on multiple circumstances which you must take into account your personal, academic and spiritual stability. For Diana Victoria Vargas, Professor of Eafit University, who will be the city’s need to find a good quality of life, i.e., that in the place where study and have your home and/or property to feel confident and happy. The logical thing is that also take into account the economic factor, which is which supports the costs of sustaining, food, accommodation and access to the University you are looking for, whether for undergraduate or graduate (specialization, masters, doctorate, etc.).Also, the maturity of the individual is vital, because the changes facing them are different his life close to the people who support him. Reasons for moving. It is advisable that you make this transit under several criteria influencing the second step regarding your University life. 1 Make the decision by taste, safety and responsibility of your autonomia.2.Possess the certainty that the career choice conforms to your desires, motivations and capabilities, because repent means to disrupt the efforts that you and your parents same hicieron.3.Have several options for universities, because there are more expensive than other cities and offered better lifestyle in the universitario.4 field.Choose an institution that has the best physical and technological characteristics in order to generate satisfaction and feedback with the people than the rodea.5.Understand that this election should be focused on adding experiences with a view to his professional life and not as a liberation of your family space. To have this opportunity to carry out studies abroad or in their country of origin, students can contrast opinions with students of different races and cultures – in addition to certain degree of theory into practice through fieldwork and other techniques. A student exchange is in itself a cluster of new experiences, and involves a student and cultural exchanges. The fact of living temporarily in another country or city enriches the person, involved with a new culture. As a result, the experience is part of learning that goes beyond the academic, which relates to the Customs and daily life of an almost totally unknown country.

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