Election Season

  • Posted on June 27, 2013 at 12:49 am

The election season always brings out the best of political parties: there are parties that intend to improve the management of the Government to make it more productive in the use of the public budget, or make calls to reduce the interest rate and thus achieve a more competitive Mexico in terms of foreign investment. There are others who suggest to establish an unemployment insurance, to support Mexicans who have lost the main source of family income in this economic crisis. Or they seek to equalize wages between men and women and implement measures of safety at work. There are also those who seek to legalize the use and marketing of the drug or facilitate women to kill their children until they are born. With these fascinating proposals, the existence of persistent advertising campaigns that seek to make the citizen choosing political party Meanwhile seems unnecessary. Is clear that everybody’s looking for the best for the Republic and its inhabitants, so it doesn’t really matter who vote, or Yes? All ensure fight by a Mexico prosperous, safe, clean, peaceful and entrepreneur, in which respect the dignity of persons and is not deprived them of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Therefore, they claim to have as main objective overcome inequalities that afflict our country and consolidate the rights and freedoms of persons.

While his proposals undermine the rights and freedoms that promise to consolidate directly. Such as the right to life, liberty and security, that has everyone and is contained in the third article of the Universal Declaration of human rights and it is supported in the article 14 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States; that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) ignores blatantly promote a legislative initiative that decriminalization of abortion practice. Our right to life, by our right to decide and the right of women to choose on your body, they are lines that are praying on the official website of the party, as if they were announced only voice of Mexican women. Being that this party has been dedicated to disqualify the other thousands of voices that rose to announce: Yes to life against the Congress of State, to support the initiative that seeks to prohibit abortion in Jalisco, calling them (young and Virgin) immature, manipulative, who do not yet know nothing of life.

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