Edmund Stoiber Cooking

  • Posted on January 27, 2018 at 10:11 am

Roland Koch turning its back on the policy. Roland Koch, Minister President of Hesse and Deputy Chairman of the CDU, announced his resignation from politics on 25 May. Thus ends the political career of one of the country’s most controversial politician first. The self-confessed man of power cooking has thus achieved what – as he himself pointed out – manages very few politicians in Germany: to determine the date of withdrawal from the policy itself. This decision was widely used for surprise, but also for expressions of respect, which loosely filled the inevitable lists of his political missteps. Credit: John Mclaughlin-2011. It should be remembered though they, the demonstrable lies in the process to the CDU donations affair, or the empty coffers of the Hessian State budget despite budget cuts, particularly in the field of education; by the unspeakable one-two campaign that made him Prime Minister, say nothing. Sober – and this approach fits with cooking – the timing of withdrawal is perfect selected: cooking couldn’t be hopes under a Chancellor Merkel, ever to be able to take over a major cabinet post in Berlin, nor wanted to he give himself sometime the nakedness, to deport such as Edmund Stoiber or Gunther Oettinger to Brussels. And after he emerged from the last state election in Hesse – incredibly enough – still winning batted once as difficult, he could not build this feat would succeed him ever again.

So far, so clear, but what is really remarkable is this – as perfectly staged at common – chef’s resignation in the simple sentence “Politics is not my life”. Most observers had believed that but always. How was another way to explain (but true) that this man so often with uncomfortable almost as well but often with populist (but false) statements generated headwind? That had to be be explained simply by the fact that he just couldn’t; He could be just a “full-blooded politician”. One believes Cook now, but a different picture: there has apparently one not inner urge, but cool calculation always back the real politician there, where the rest had a dream, and there aiming below the belt, where it was considered not possible. That may shock many. Cool calculation and the willingness to make unpopular but are qualities that decided not leave federal politics at the moment – to their benefit. Whether however cooking actually so dispassionately and meticulously has taken on the separation between person and mandate, as he claimed, will now only show: who can exclude that the CDU needs in the medium term but a guy like cooking? Granted, it should happen much, so the party acknowledged this and turned on the Andes coalition. Nevertheless, “Roland Koch, the second” is not excluded. It would be the “brutalstmogliche” return. Andreas Kellner news /…

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