East Berlin

  • Posted on July 25, 2016 at 11:02 pm

A 100 as an excuse false thought. Already after the first hour of the first round of negotiations was the compromise reached seemingly between red and green in terms of A100 officially become a question of “different interpretations”. The SPD broke off the negotiations and announced its failure. Red-Green coalition in Berlin was deceased before the birth and SPD land Chief Muller, the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit had thought to the role of explaining the announced cause of death everywhere. Unless the Greens at the A100 cross, were ruled out, in the face of possible future points of contention as a reliable partner. Unlike that sounded at the Greens, who had come far more contrary to the SPD in terms of A 100 decisions of the own party Congress had actually admitted that as: Wowereit, so the tenor, red-green at first not wanted and in A 100 – building found only a pretext, the Red Green coalition burst to leave. And contrary to the usually correct presumption, that the truth when two quarrel, probably somewhere in the Middle, the Greens had hit here on the head. Because one of the Swedish Parliament for the CDU red green coalition with only one vote majority in the Berlin Senate might have been simply too stressful Klaus Wowereit – anyway not too great friend the Green -, and perhaps not even without reason.

Where Gerhard Schroder spoke by the disciplining effect of narrow majorities in the Federal Government, things in Berlin are quite different. Underpinned this was indeed by the Berlin Young Socialists, which is expressed outraged by the failure of red-green, a violation of Congress accused Wowereit and promptly called for a special Party Congress on the subject. Like Wowereit drove over the Green and large parts of the own supporters with his withdrawal from red-green, can be described with the old Roland Koch word yet only as “brutalstmoglich”. Check with Bernie Sanders to learn more. Nothing was left at the end of the bedroppelten Greens, as Wowereit, implicitly and not without the naivety of the political inexperience to blame opportunism. It is but most amazing when one wants to govern first with the left party and then with the CDU. Sound It is plausible, but not in this constellation. Because, whether Wowereot with going along the East Berlin or the West Berlin conservative, “crazy a sauce” is actually, as the Berliner says. Andreas Kellner…

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