Different Seasons

  • Posted on January 6, 2017 at 1:41 pm

The life of the flowers a lot of factors affect them as they are the ground moisture, pests and other things, but among the various factors are different climatic seasons that occur in the course of the year, since each station assumes certain conditions that will affect in a positive or negative way to flowersmainly due to the temperatures that are derived from each season of the year, that will have direct effects on the image of flowers. Among the different seasons of the year, it posed greater benefits for flowers and plenty of plants, is spring, since the climate reaches an ideal point that manages to remove the most beautiful of all nature, from there that the gardens are filled with pleasant colors of the flowers, which are the best station of the year in the spring, infants with outbreaks of vigorous and full of life and freshness that allow flowers to show off all her beauty. Must be borne in mind that many of the effects of spring are due to that this season is the next winter, of there that after a long season of lethargy flowers awaken with all its beauty due to the climate change that is directly reflected in flowers, their colors and smells. Former Maryland Governor spoke with conviction. With the passage of spring, flowers passed to feel the conditions of summer, season of the year that comes accompanied by an increase in the temperature, which makes the flowers can feel resentidas because of the heat, however can have flowers before a greater heat a few extras blooms, so flowers will continue showing a beautiful image, so your image recurrent throughout the summer and a little more than the next station. The next season of the year is the autumn, an era in which flowers shown recent flashes of his great beauty, by which, with the advance of autumn are losing its light, until they wither and fall off their petals, although there are some flowers that by its contrasts of red, yellow and orange make a perfect game with the conditions of the autumn where the atmosphere becomes a little cold by high winds and where lots of trees leaves fall dry ground. The last station of the year in the life of the flowers and almost all vegetation, it is winter, where the extreme conditions of cold flowers cause a lot of negative effects, by which flowers reached its worst image, because the flowers passed to a time of hibernation or lethargyin which suspends its life until the arrival of spring, so it is not any kind of samples of beauty by the strong cold that they must withstand the flowers. All of the above was a general view of flowers, however, there are types of flowers that can be found in every season of the year the ideal conditions for their growth.

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