Delegate Tasks

  • Posted on June 4, 2017 at 11:33 pm

The author explains the importance of delegating tasks to an Internet project with numbers and clearly demonstrates the difference of being everything and think of everything. There is a saying in life that is very true that says so … “The much grasps at too” And this is true also in your online business. It is quite possible you do not have experience in all areas required to implement an Internet project, which try to be successful and professional, in fact I am also convinced that many of you can be learning on the fly. In this case my sound advice is that you focus on what you know and start to delegate some tasks are not as strong in their field. Internet today is in a very globalized, hire people for specific tasks and focus on your “Time for Action”. Are you an expert in generating traffic to your website, but you’re a bad designer? This is possible … then hire someone else to handle the design of the logo on your website or the site itself.

Now hiring people to a website is not very expensive, many prices are almost ridiculous. Do not try to learn everything. Imagine for a moment that is now beginning to see how they designed a website and you spend hours learning, which this time you’re learning, are delaying the start of your project on line. Delivering some accounts, suppose you take your knowledge of traffic to your website will generate about 200 USD per month, and that you only work 10 hours per month. An account is to calculate simple values as Links Partners V / H, which is what I call the Value Time. 200 USD / 10 hours = 20 USD words “Your Gift” 20 USD when do you follow? … But you make the desicion to change the design of your current website and you spend five hours learning about web design, HTML code, range of colors and hundreds of more questions. What will be really happening? Lost to win $ 100 and the site has not yet begun, Puff! See? Maybe if you had hired the services of a designer or would have acquired some template for your web site you have been cheaper than that, and your site and would be in line.

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