Definition Productivity

  • Posted on June 10, 2017 at 11:33 pm

Lack of knowledge of the scope, impact generated by the quality. Lines and production processes slow and insecure. Very little guarantee in the quality of products and end services; negative organizational climate; communication gerencia-equipo of work, absence of a participatory, proactive leadership problems: ergonomics that leaves a great deal to say. Note in the SMEs in their great majority that has not been a serious commitment on the part of management in train, train your human resource in support of a culture of quality and efficient productivity, lack of commitment, rotation and teamwork. Improper use and use of rolling line, planning and production control, quality control, plant distribution, extra manpower, inappropriate techniques. It is necessary that once and for all the management compenetre more with the necessity of having a culture of quality and productivity that allows you to compete, knowing their resources, the opportunities that are presented and above all ensure you survival success development to the company.

You need new actions, transformations to help bring that quality and productivity about expected outcomes, suggested, as others have already stated, actions favouring the improvement of equipment for work, more cohesion, participation, well-defined functions according to the reality of the production processes that have to be established. Supply adequate machines and instruments.: guarantee in safety at the workplace; appropriate management of staff rotation;Organization of the personal production with well-established functions that ensure performance, achievements: recruitment of staff according to the required profile that ensures productivity;production system well defined;health and safety;maintenance of facilities employees; improvement of customer service;ergonomics;definition and planning of appropriate production; Using the techniques and. modernization of machinery and appropriate tools; Safety of machinery; Definition of the characteristics of the product; Production line balancing;control of machines;training of personnel; definition of policies;individual motivation at work;creation of team work; definition of responsibilities, among others. Much emphasis by management on the importance, scope of the achievement of the quality should be and productivity of having a good quality system, since, as Santiago Macias, it says this is facilitated, normalizes and improves processes. , the dissatisfaction of the user. Improves the image of the organization., the provision of services, as well as health, employee safety.; quality of product or service. Increases competitiveness. It protects the environment. and use of services.

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