Dark Avenger Virus

  • Posted on February 14, 2015 at 2:16 am

Important archives as of extension can also infectar: SYS; OVL; OVY; PRG; MNU; BIN; DRV; DLL, etc. One of the aimed at archives more is oCOMMAND.COM, that it is one of the archives of the operational system with bigger index deexecuo. When a program is executed, it is loaded in the docomputador memory so that it is read by the processor. Being this programainfectado, the instructions of the code of the virus also will be executed peloprocessador, and one of the instructions is to inside copy the harmful code for dosdemais executable archives ' ' saudveis' ' , thus generating infecogeneralizada. Some viruses of archives: Dark Avenger; MTriX; Freddy Kruegger, Chernobyl, amongst as much others. Virus of Macro: This is a type of relatively new virus. The first virus of macro, the Concept, appeared in 1995.

The creation of this type devrus if of the one from the programming language Word beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code, that is responsvelpor to also create and to execute macros (automatization of texts) in the processor of textosMicrosoft Word and in Microsoft Excel. The main target of the viruses of macro archive NORMAL.DOT, that is responsible for the configuration of the Word. Partirde its contamination, if becomes extreme fast the infection of other documents, therefore to each time that if opens or if it creates a new document, the executado NORMAL.DOT. You damage them caused for the macro viruses go since the alteration dosmenus of Microsoft Word, of the spalling of texts, until the alteration of arquivosde lot as the AUTOEXEC.BAT, that can receive a line from command of the one OF, comopor example: DELTREE, that will total erase partial or the content of discorgido, as soon as the computer will be inicializado. Examples of macro virus: Wazzu, CAP.A, Melissa. Trojans or horses of Troy: They can allow to access externoao infectado computer, collecting given and sending to apartir of the connection dainternet for the creator.

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