Clinton Event

  • Posted on November 3, 2014 at 8:51 am

John Bolton, Jose Maria Aznar, and Alejo Vidal Quadras was the keynote speaker at the big event of the national of resistance Council of Iran in Taverny, France Marjam Rajavi. Lilac Sea Blue President “speak and official information of the event by 30,000 guests. The organizers want to have seen over 100,000 guests from around the world. To join the green movement”in the Iran to distinguish the look at themselves as the opposition in exile Council of resistance, his visitors in a bright lilac dress code has dressed. Media carried out as a State event organized and very disciplined, the representatives of the Volksmodschahedin that make up the bulk of the NCRI, has sent out clear signals to the leadership in the Iran. Read more from Poet to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The Mujahedin were originally a Maoist organization later Islamic elements who integrate into their ideology. In the West, run for more than thirty years of lobbying for their organization and imagine yourself as the only serious alternative to the system of the Velayat-e faghi in the Iran before. They were ousted in the Iran after the revolution of 1979 and gradually by the power. Then they came in the time of Khatami and Clinton on the terrorist list of Europeans and Americans. The European Parliament has again deleted the Mujahedin from the terror list, while a large group of members of Congress committed to the same goal in the United States. Marjam Rajavi, who is wiggled as President of Iran in exile, hoping to convince that the Mujahedin in the West were able to gain much influence and are a serious opponent of the regime in the Iran of representing. “Still it targets in the Iran, where the message is going: look people, the Mojahedin are committed to your struggle for freedom, and they have strong allies.” Finally, you want to turn also those forces in the United States by themselves, who have reservations against the Mojahedin.

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