Beware Of Hosting

  • Posted on December 1, 2015 at 2:26 pm

Does your hosting provider offers all the tools required for a commercial website? Do you offer unlimited emails, aliases, auto-systems, shopping cart, a control panel to manage your website remotely, technical support 24 hours a day (every day of the year), your own CGI Directory statistical reports, among others? Do not abuse the technology’s main task is a commercial website selling products or services, so that whatever you away from this goal (overload of graphics, Java, music, art work) must be regarded as undesirable. Unless you’re a graphic designer, images that take forever to load are not going to help sell. The same applies to Java applications with accessories (plug-ins) popular. “Sound, Music? No, unless you’re selling music. What do your visitors? One of the things that most often forget is that visitors who have to like what they see. The rest is irrelevant. You’ll be surprised how valuable is the feedback they give visitors upon request. Remember they are your potential customers are those who buy their products or services.

Communication efficient communications with your potential customers and current customers are of utmost importance in their marketing efforts. Since in most cases will not know their customers personally, need to learn to fully exploit the commercial advantages of e-mail. Every day we receive emails from people wanting to do some business or establish a business alliance. Many of these messages seem written by a child: horrors of spelling, grammatical errors, poor formats, hard to read, and so on.

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